The ABTAPL Union List of periodicals

Welcome to the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries’ list of periodicals held by some of our members. It’s here to help you identify a library that has resources you might be able to use.

Search the alphabetical pages by the title of the journal you are interested in. A 3 letter code will show which library holds the title. An asterix (*) next to the dates reflects that the holdings are incomplete in the stated timeframe. Click on the About tab to see which library this is and then click on Contact to arrange a visit or possibly request an Inter Library Loan.

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Useful Links

Below are a number of useful links, this is in no way complete and if you have websites you think would be a good addition please contact me:

Union Lists

AULOTS – an equivalent Union list for ANZTLA (Australian and New Zealand Theological Libraries Association)

Theological Library Associations

ABTAPL  Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries
ANZTLA  Australian and New Zealand Theological Libraries Association
ATLA        American Theological Library Association


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