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Title Holdings
21st Century Christian
New Malden: Elm House Christian Communications
ISSN: 0952-6269
[became Alpha]
ICC 1989-1991*
NTC 1987-1990
RHL 1987-1991*
A.A.C.C. Bulletin Nairobi: All Africa Conference of Churches [was Books for Africa] HMC 1966-1967*
CMS 1963-1967,1973-1981
A.A.C.C. Magazine [All Africa Conference of Churches] CMS 1983-1985*
A.A.C.C. Newsletter [All Africa Conference of Churches] CMS 1977-1982*
AARSBL Abstracts ICC 1996
Abba Salama: review of the   Association of Ethio-Hellenic Studies Addis   Ababa: [s.n.], 1970-1979 NCL 1971-1979
Aberdeen Divinity Bulletin NCL 1963-1985*
Aberdeen Ecclesiological Society Transactions
see Transactions of the Aberdeen Ecclesiological   Society
ABM Ministry Papers OHC 1991-
ABM Policy Papers OHC 1991-
Abolitionist LSF 1834-1835
The Aborigine’s Friend [London] DWL Dec. 1809 only
The Aborigine’s Friend & Colonial   Intelligencer LSF 1847-1867*
Abr-Nahrain Leiden: Brill, 1961-
(vol.1, 1959-60 pub. 1961)
GCL 1960-1961, 1987
SUL 1959-1978
Abstracts : European Muslims &   Christian-Muslim Relations
Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham: Centre for the Study of Islam and   Christian-Muslim Relations [ceased publication 1985]
ANC 1981-1985
HMC 1981-1985
Abstracts of Research in Pastoral   Care and Counselling
Richmond, Va.: Joint Council on Research in Pastoral Care & Counselling
NCL 1972-1987
ABTAPL Bulletin see   Bulletin of the   Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries
Abundant Life : the Church’s ministry   of healing, Crowhurst SAC 1986-1998*
Academia Djakarta: Gerakan Mahasiswa Djakarta. HEY 1950*
Academia : revue de l’Association   Luxembourgeoise des Universitaires Catholiques
Luxembourg: L’Association
HEY 1950
Academic [Glasgow] DWL 1826*
Academy [London] HEY 1869-1870
ACATE Newsletter
Sheffield: Association of Centres of Adult Theological Education
OHC 1995-1998
UTC 1997-2000
ACCM Occasional Paper London: Advisory Council for the Church’s Ministry OHC 1974-1991
Accord (the magazine for the Association of   Christian Counsellors) Coventry: ACC SPC 2002-
ACE [Quarterly Bulletin of the   Archbishop’s Council on Evangelism] NCL 1970-1978
CMS 1970-1978
Ace (Agenda) NCL 1974-1975
ACF Bulletin  Leicester: UCCF/Agricultural Christian Fellowship UTC 1978-1997
Achimota College Letters Ghana: Achimota College CMS 1925-1936*
Acorn: Britain Yearly Meeting newsletter for Friends concerned with housing LSF 1991-
WBC 1997-
Act   Sheffield: J. Ashram Community Trust, 1970- NCL 1979-1987
Act Digest SPC 1979-1984
Act Now Association of Christian Teachers WES 1978-2000
Act Now Chicago: National Organization for Women, 1969- ICC 1989-90,1992-95, 1997*, 1999
Acta Apostolicae Sedis : commentarium officiale
Vatican: Typis Polyglottis Vaticanis, 1909-
BBC 1909-
CCL 1909-
DAB 1909-
GCL 1955-1993
JES 1906-
HEY 1909-
LPL 1909-
MIL 1953-1981
NCL 1909-
Acta Compendia : acta ex iis decerpta   quae apud Sanctam Sedem geruntur in compendium opportune redacta et   illustrata
Rome: Polyglot Press of the Sacred   Congregation de Propaganda Fide, 1865-
HEY 1865-1870
Acta Pontificiae Academiae Marianae   Internationalis [Rome] HEY 1961-1962
Acta Pontificii Instituti Biblici Rome: Pontificio Istituto Biblico /   Jerusalem : Pontificial Biblical Institute. HEY 1978-1996*
Acta Pontificii Instituti Orientalis Rome: Pontificium Institutum orientale. HEY 1951-1986*
Acta Romana Societatis Iesu Rome: Curia Praepositi Generalis. HEY 1906-1978, 1980-
JES 1906-
Acta Sanctae Sedis Rome: Ex Typographic Polyglotta Officinae S.C. de Propaganda Fide…1865-1908 CCL 1865-1908
DAB 1865-1881
HEY 1870-1908
Acta Theologica Bloemfontein, S.Africa: University of the Orange Free State RHL 1989-1995*
ACTI News Bulletin [Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute] RCL 1990-*
Action Africa Bloomfield, N.J.: Africa Evangelical Fellowship, 1986- CMS current year
L’Action Populaire [Reims] HEY 1904-1910
Active Learning in Higher Education London: Sage LKH 2003-2005
Activity News Seoul: National Council of Churches in Korea,   1985- CMS 1990-*
Acts and Facts San Diego, C.A.: Institute for Creation Research,   197u- RCL 1984-1989*
RHL 1986-*
ACTS Theological Journal Seoul, Korea: Asia United Theological College ANC 1984-1986
Actualité des Religions Paris: Malesherbes Publications, 1999-2003 [was Actualité Religieuse dans le Monde]
[became Monde des   religions]
HEY 1999-2003
L’Actualité Religieuse dans le Monde
Paris: Publications de la Vie Catholique 1983-1998
[became Actualité   des religions]
GCL 1983-
HEY 1983-1998*
LPL 1983-*
NCL 1983-
Ad 2000 Melbourne: Thomas More Centre MVI 5 year file
AD in the year of Our Lord NCL 1973-1977
Adelante [Argentine Diocesan Ass.] CMS 1980-*
Adelphi London: Staples Press HEY New Series Apl.1936
Adminisheets SJC 1986-2003*
Administration JES 1961-
Administry : how-to guide SJC 1996-2003*
Administry : mini guide SJC 1996-2003*
Administry : resource papers
St.Albans: Administry
OHC 1982-
SJC 1982-1995*
SPC 1989-
Administry Update St.Albans: Administry SJC 1989-2003
Nottingham: Priests’ Eucharistic   League
GCL 1961-
HEY 1969*,1985-1997*
MVI 1976-1996*
ADRIS newsletter Nashville, TN: Association for the Development of Religious Information,   1971-1992, 1995- LST 1988-1992; 1995-
Adult Education [became Adults Learning] OHC 1987-1989
Adult Network Birmingham: National Christian Education Council WCB 1981-1983
The Adult Learner JES 1994*-
Adult Theological Education No holdings known.
Adults Learning
Leicester: NIACE
[was Adult   Education]
OHC 1990-2002
SJC 1996-2012
Advance [CMS Ireland] CMS 1972-1987
The Advent-Christian Quarterly [Mick Buchanan] DWL July 1869 only
Adventist-Muslim Review Newbold College, Binfield, Bracknell: SDA Global Centre for Islamic Studies ANC 1993-1995
Adventurer [Society for the Propagation of the Gospel] [was The King’s Messengers] CMS 1961-1982
Advisory Board for Spiritual and   Moral Work. Quarterly Leaflet London: Archbishops’ Advisory Board for   Spiritual ands Moral Work
[became Church of   England Moral Welfare Council Quarterly Leaflet, 1939-]
LPL 1919-1934
Advisory Board of Ministry Policy Papers [Church of England] No holdings known
Advocate (United Society of Friends   Women International) LSF 1978-
AETEI Journal
Bangalore, India: Association of Evangelical Theological Education in India
ANC 1988-
ICC 1988-1991*
LST 1988-1989*
RCL 1988-1989*
AFER: African Ecclesial Review
[African Ecclesiastical Review]
Eldoret, Kenya: AMECEA Pastoral Institute, 1976-
[1965-1975 Pastoral Institute of Eastern Africa Gaba]
CCL 1962-1989                                                     CMS 1977-
GCL 1963-1982
HEY 1959-*                                                               HMC 1977-
JES 1958*-
MIL 1964-
Affirm [was Latimer] OHC 1993-2000
RHL 1993-
Affirming Catholic News
[became Affirming News and Views ]
SJC 1996-1999
WSC 1993-2000*
Affirming Catholicism SJC 1990-
WSC 1992-*
Affirming News and Views SJC 2001-
Africa: Journal of Evangelical   Theology [was East Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology] OHC 1990-
Africa : Journal of the International   African Institute
London: International African Institute
ANC 1992-
HEY 1928-1961
HMC 1947-1979
MIL 1928-
Africa Confidential CMS  current year
Africa Currents Huntingdon, Herts.: Africa Publications Trust [ceased publication] ANC 1975-1981
Africa Journal of Evangelical   Theology
Machakos, Kenya: Scott Theological   College, 1990-
[was East   Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology,1982-1989]
ANC 1990-
LST 1990-
OHC 1990-
RCL 1990-*
WES 2001-
Africa Pulse
Wheaton, ILL: Evangelical Missions, Information Service, 1970-1983
[became World   Pulse]
ANC 1970-1983*
RCL 1975-1983*
Africa South Cape Town: Africa South Publications [became Africa South in Exile] CMS 1956-1958
Africa South in Exile Cape Town: Africa South Publications [was Africa South] CMS 1960-1961
Africa Theological Journal ICC 1968-1969
African Abstracts London:International African Institute,1950-72 [ceased publication] ANC 1971-1972
African Affairs
London: Published for the Royal African Society by the Oxford Un. Press,   1944-
ANC 1970-*
CMS 1959-*                                                             HMC 1993-*
ICC 1992-*
MIL 1979-
African & Asian Studies JES 1958-
African Challenge
Nairobi, Kenya: All Africa Conference of Churches, Communications Unit, 1986-
CMS 1986-1990*                                                   LST 1986-1988
African Christian  Nairobi, Kenya: Africa Church Information Service, 1981- CMS 1983-1991
African Christian Studies: journal of   the Catholic University of Eastern Africa
Nairobi : C.U.E.A. Publications HMC, 1985-
JES 1990*-
MIL 1986-
SJC 1987- 2002
African Religious Research Los Angeles: African Studies Center, Un. of California CMS 1971-1975
African Research & Documentation   – SCOLMA
London: Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa, 1973-
[was Bulletin   of the African Studies Association of the UK and Library Materials on Africa]
CMS 1973-                                                                 HMC 1983-
African Spiritual Revival [Organization of African Independent Churches] CMS 1980-1984*
African Studies : a quarterly journal   devoted to the study of African anthroplogy, government and languages
Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press
HEY 1961-1973
African Studies Association of the   UK: newsletter Oxford: ASAUK HMC 1995-
African Tidings [Universities’ Mission to Central Africa] [was Children’s Tidings] CMS 1892-1964
African Woman London: Akina Mama wa Afrika, 1988- CMS 1988-
African Women London: Dept. of Education in Tropical Areas, Un.   of London, Institute of Education CMS 1954-1962
Africanae Fraternae Ephemerides Romanae : organe de la Conference romaine des   Missions Catholiques d’Afrique Rome HEY 1938-1948*
Afroscope Nairobi, Kenya: Ass. of Evangelicals of Africa   and Madagascar, 197u- ANC 1977-1994*
AFSC Bulletin (Numbered) LSF 1917-1968
AFSC Bulletin (Unnumbered) LSF 1917-1944
AFSC International Division Bulletin [American Friends Service Committee] LSF 1980-
WBC 1996-
AFSC Newsletter of the East-West   Program [American Friends Service Committee] WBC 1996-
AFSC Quaker Action was AFSC Quaker Service Bulletin LSF 2004-
AFSC Quaker Service Bulletin [American Friends Service Committee] became AFSC   Quaker Action LSF 1974-2004*
WBC 1973-
AFSC Reporter LSF 1962-1969*
AFSERCO News (AFSC) LSF 1940-1947
Aged and Infirm Ministers’ Fund RPC 1817-1842
Aggiornamenti Sociali : rivista   mensile a Schede [Milan Centro Studi Sociali] HEY 1957-1960*
Aggregate Meeting [Methodist Local Preachers Mutual Aid   Association] JWC 1954
Agriculture Missions Notes New York: Agricultural Missions Foundation CMS 1933-1947*
AICMAR Bulletin OHC 2003-
AIDS Care, Education and Training   Newsletter London: ACET, 198u- ANC 1992-
AIDS Update LKH 1988-1993
Aikya Student Christian Movement of   India CMS 1955-1969*
AIM : Action and Information on   Mission [became EMA Bulletin] ANC 1972-1982
AIM Bulletin Paris: L’Aide à l’Implementation Monastique,   19uu- BLS 1969-1986
AIM International Magazine [Africa Inland Mission] CMS 1998-
AIM Monastic Bulletin [Aide Inter-Monasteres]
Alliance of International Monasticism
MVI 1995-
SPC 1992-2005
Aistir JES 2007*-
Akrofi-Christaller Centre News RHL 1991-1994*
Aktines Athens: Enosis, 1937- NCL 1954-*
Al-Basheer Hyderabad: Henry Martyn Institute, 1972-1976   [became Bulletin   of the Christian Institutes of Islamic Studies] ANC 1976
CMS 1972-1976
Al-Liq’a Journal Jerusalem: Centre for Religious & Heritage   Studies in the Holy Land, 1992- ANC 1992-
CMS 1992-
Al-Madaris : newsletter of the   Association of Muslim Schools   Leicester: Association of Muslim Schools YRE 1996-
Al-Miza: The Balance No known holdings
Al Montada [Middle East Council of Churches] CMS 1978-1985*
Al -Mushir Rawalpindi: Christian Study Centre, 1959- ANC 1971-*
CMS 1969-*
Al-Tawhid : Quarterly Journal of   Islamic Thought and Culture Tehran:   Islamic Republic of Iran, 198u- BLS 1985-1992
GLD 1983-
The Albanian [Valladolid, Spain] HEY 1911-1912
Albion OHC 1990-2001
Albums Liturgiques Paris: Editions du Berger [Issued as supplements   or special numbers of Fêtes et   Saisons] HEY 1947-1950*
Alcohol Alert LKH current year
Alcuin : the occasional journal of   the Alcuin Club Oxford: Church Army Press, 1974- LPL 1974-1984
OHC 1978-1983
WCB 1980, 1982-1984
Alcuin Club Collections London: SPCK / Alcuin Club, 1899- DAB 1899-
DSC 1899*
Alcuin Club Manual London: Alcuin Club, 1978- DSC 1978-
Alcuin Club Prayer Book Revision   Pamphlets Alcuin Club, 1912- DSC 1913-1924*
KCL 1912-1964*
Alcuin Club Tracts Alcuin Club, 1897- DSC 1897-*
KCL 1897-1962*
Aldersgate Primitive Methodist   Magazine London: Robert Brynt, 189u- NCL 1899-1930*
WCB 1909-1922*
Alert Kansas City: Nazarene Publishing House NTC 1976-1980
All Africa News Agency Bulletin Nairobi, Kenya: All Africa News Agency, 1979- CMS 5 years
All Faiths for One Race Newsletter Birmingham: AFFOR BLS 1973-1980
All in One London: Church of England Men’s Society,   1923-1939 [was Men’s   Magazine] [became Men’s Magazine   again] LPL 1923-1939
All People London: CHAD [was Documencap] QCL 1996-
WCB 1982-1991*
All the World London: Salvation Army WBM 1887-1973*
Allahabad Farmer Allhabad, U.P., India: Allahabad Agricultural   Institute CMS 1951-1968*
Allgemeines Repertorium für die theologische Literatur und kirchliche Statistik Berlin: Friedr. Aug. Herbig, 1833-1860 NCL 1834-1835
Alliance News London: UK Temperance Alliance Ltd. [became Alcohol-Alert] BLS 1974-1991
LSF 1963
Alma Studies [Los Gatos, California] HEY 1957-1963*
Almanach catholique français [1920-] HEY 1921,1923
Alpha New Malden: Elm House Christian Communications   Ltd., 1991-1996
ISSN: 0961-6950
[was Today and 21st Century Christian]
[became Christianity 1996]
MOR 1991-1996*
NTC 1991-1996
OHC 1991-1996
RCL 1991-1996*
RHL 1991*
UTC 1991-1996*
Alpha News LKH current issue
Alpha Omega JES 1999*-
Alphabetical arrangement of all the   Wesleyan-Methodist Ministers and Preachers on Trial Rev.William Hill, 1819- [became Ministers and Probationers of the Methodist   Church] JWC 1827,1869,1885-1909,1916,1922
WCB 1819-*
Alte Orient Leipzig: JC Hinrichs Verlag, 1899-1945 NCL 1901-1915*
Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Newsletter LSF 1991-
Altnordische Saga-Bibliothek [Halle] DWL 1892-1929
Alumni Bulletin of the Union Theological   Seminary
New York: The Seminary, 1925-1945
NCL 1925-1942*
Ambassador Iperu-Remo, Nigeria: Missionary Society of St.   Paul
[became Catholic   Ambassador]
HMC 1980-1990
Ambassador London: General Synod of the Church of England,   Board of Mission CMS 1991-
Ambiorix: a Quaker focus on Europe [Quaker Council for European Affairs] LSF 1994-
WBC 1994-
AMDG  Dublin: Jesuit Communication Centre JES 1991-2003
UTC 1991-1998*
America New York: America Press CCL 1961-
HEY 1968-
JES 1910-
American Academy of Religion Bulletin see   Bulletin of the   American Academy of Religion
American Academy of Religion   Miscellaneous Studies Atlanta, GA:   Scholars Press, 1970- NCL 1972-1976
American Advocate of Peace [Hartford, Conn.] DWL 1834-1835
American Annual Monitor (or obituary of the members of the Society of   Friends in America) LSF 1859-1863
ULE 1858-1861
American Anthropologist Washington, DC, 1888- ANC 1991-*
American Anti-Slavery Reporter DWL May 1834 only
American Baptist Quarterly Rochester, NY: Baptist Historical Society, 1982-   [was Foundations] BBC 1982-
SPC 1982-
RPC 1982-2009
American Benedictine Review Atchison, KS: American Benedictine Review Inc. DAB 1959-
HEY 1961-1976*, 1978-
American Board of Commissioners for   Foreign Missions. Reports [Boston] DWL 1815-1834*
American Catholic Philosophical   Quarterly Bowling Green, OH: Philosophy   Documentation Center, 1990- ISSN : 1051-3558 [was New Scholasticism 1927-1989] CCL 1990-
JES 1990*-
The American Catholic Quarterly   Review Philadelphia: Hardy and Mahony HEY 1876-1887
American Congregational Year Book [New York] DWL 1855-1859
American Ecclesiastical Review Washington: Board of Trustees of the American   Ecclesiastical Review for the Catholic University of America, 1944-1975
Catholic University Press, 1889-1943
CCL 1889-1975
GCL 1962-1975
HEY 1889-1899*, 1889-1975
American Foundation for Reformation   Research [Bulletin of Library] SUL 1966-
American Friend (Incl. Freedman’s Record) 1867-1960
WBC 1867-1960*
American Friends Service Committee see   AFSC
American Home Missionary Society NCL 1827-1853
American Journal of Biblical Theology electronic journal
American Journal of Philology Baltimore, MD: John Hopkins University Press,   1880- KCL 1948-*
American Journal of Semitic Languages   and Literature Chicago, IL: Un. of Chicago Press,   1895-1941 [was Hebraica] [became Journal of Near Eastern Studies 1942] DWL 1895-1941
NCL 1886-1920
American Journal of Sociology Chicago, Ill.: University of Chicago Press HEY 1968-1973,1974*
American Journal of Theology Chicago, IL.: Un. of Chicago Press, 1897-1920
[became The   Journal of Religion 1921]
DWL 1897-1920
KCL 1905-1920*
NCL 1897-1920
RCC 1897-1918
American Messianic Jewish Quarterly Chicago, IL.: Messianic Jewish Alliance of   America, 1975- ANC 1976-1978*
American Philosophical Association see Proceedings and addresses of the American   Philosophical Association
American Philosophical Quarterly Bowling Green, OH: Philosophy Documentation   Center, Bowling Green State University, 1964-
ISSN : 0003-0481
BLS 1964-1996
HEY 2002-
KCL 1965-
SUL 1964-
UBL 1964-
ULE 1964-1993
American Presbyterians : Journal of   Presbyterian History Philadelphia, PA,   1985- [was Journal of   Presbyterian History ] NCL 1985-
American Psychologist Washington, D.C.: American Psychological   Association HEY 1949-1952*
American Quarterly Register [s.l.] American Education Society, Perkins &   Marvin, 1837-43 [was The   Quarterly Register 1831-1837] NCL 1832-1843
American Quarterly Review
Philadelphia: Hardy & Mahony
HEY 1876-1879,1887
American Review of Eastern Orthodoxy see AREO : American Review of Eastern Orthodoxy
American Schools of Oriental Research   Newsletter Baltimore, Md: American Schools of Oriental Research, 1966-
[ceased publication]
NTC 1977-1981
American Scientist Easton, PA: Society of the Sigma Xi HEY 1962-1968*
American Society of Christian Ethics   Selected Papers Newton Centre, MA, etc.: American   Society of Christian Ethics, 19uu- NCL 1975-1976
American Studies Library Newsletter London: American Studies Library Group CMS 1979-
American Theological Library   Association. Summary of Proceedings. Annual Conference. Philadelphia, etc.: American Theological Library   Association, 1947- LST 1985-1996*
NCL 1966-
American Theological Library   Association Newsletter Durham, NC:   American Theological Library Association, 1953-  NCL 1986-
American Tract Magazine [New York] DWL Vol.9*,10*,12
L’Ami de la Religion et du Roi :   journal ecclesiastique, politique et litteraire
Paris: [Librairie d’Adrien le Clerc]
HEY 1823-1828*
L’Ami du Clergé Langres, France HEY 1899-1969*
Amici dei Quaccheri. Notiziario LSF 1988-
Amity News Service  Hong Kong: Amity Foundation Overseas Coordination Office UTC 1997-2000*
Amity Newsletter [Amity Foundation] CMS 1985-
UCT 1990-1998*
Amnesty : the Journal of the British   Section of Amnesty International
London: The Section, 1993-
ANC 1993-1996                                              CMS Current year only
MOR 1989-1993*
Among Friends Birmingham, UK LSF 1905-1908
Among Friends
[Friends World Committee for Consultation]
LSF 1983-
WBC 1983-
Among Friends [Illinois Yearly Meeting, USA] LSF 1985-
WBC 1985-
Ampleforth Journal
York: Ampleforth Abbey, 1895-
CCL 1944-1980
DAB 1896-
HEY 1956-1962*, 1963-
RCC 1963-1996
Amritsar Diocesan Newsletter [Diocese of Amritsar] CMS 1960,1965-71,1981-87*
Anabaptism Today
London: Anabaptist Network Trust, 1992-2004
ANC 1992
BBC 1992-2004
LST 1992-2004
MOR 1992-2004*
NTC 1993-2004
SJC 1992- 2002
SPC 1992-2004
UTC 1992-2003*
Anabaptist Network News RPC 1992-
Anakainosis  Toronto: Institute for Christian Studies, 1978-?
[subtitle 1978-1980: a journal for reformational thought; subtitle 1980-1986: a newsletter for reformational thought]
UTC 1978-1996*
Analecta Augustiniana
Roma: Typographia Polyglotta Vaticana, 1933-
DAB 1971-
Analecta Bollandiana : revue critique   d’hagiographie Bruxelles; Paris: Société des   Bollandistes; Société Générale de Librarie Catholique, 1882- CCL 1882-1982
DAB 1882-
DWL 1882-
HEY 1882-
ICC 1932-1935
JES 1982-
LPL 1882-                                                                   PHL 1887-1952
SUL 1882-
Analecta Cartusiana Pont-Saint-Esprit, France: Centre de Recherches   Cartusiennes, 1989- DAB 1989-
Analecta Cracoviensia [Krakow] HEY 1980-
JES 1975*-1995
Analecta Ecclesiastica Rome [was Analecta iuris pontificii, Rome 1855-1891] HEY 1893-1911
Analecta Franciscana DWL 1885-1928*
Analecta Hibernica JES 1930-
Analectas Ordinis Cisterciensia DAB 1945-
Anales del Seminario de Metafisica Madrid: El Seminario, 19uu- NCL 1973-
Analogia: revista de filosofia, investigacion y difusion JES 1994-
Oxford: Blackwell, 1933-1940, 1947-
ISSN: 0003-2638
BLS 1933- 2003
GLD 1980-
HEY 1952-*
KCL 1940-*
SUL 1933-
UBL 1933-
ULE 1933-1996
Anamnesis JES 1994-
Society for Liturgical Study
JES 2007-
QCL 2007-                                                               SSH 2007-2012
Ancient Egypt [became Ancient Egypt and the East] HEY 1914-1932*
Ancient Egypt and the East [was Ancient Egypt] HEY 1934*
Ancient Philosophy Pittsburgh: Duquesne University, 1980- KCL 1984-*
Andrew Fuller Review RPC 2011-
Andrews University Seminary Studies Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews Un. Press, 1963- ICC 1991-*
KCL 1964-1976*
NCL 1964-1991
RCL 1964-1966*                                                     UTC 1964-1966*, 2001*
Roma: Pontificia Universitas a Sancta Thoma
DAB 1974-
GCL 1960-1982
HEY 1957-1958*, 1960-
JES 1925*-
KCL 1965-1976*
Angelos: Archiv fur Neutestamentliche   Zeitgeschichte und Kulturkunde HEY 1925-1932
Angelus [Diocese of North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba] CMS 1982-
Anglican and Episcopal History
Austin, Tex.: Historical Society of the Episcopal Church, 1987- [was   Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church]
LPL 1987-
OHC 1991-                                                               PHL 1990-
RCC 1987-89, 1997-
WSC 1990-
Anglican Catholic : gazette of the Anglican   Society Kent: [s.n.], 19uu-1996 Anglican   Association, 1998- [imprint varies] KCL 1973-1995*
LPL 1980-*                                                               PHL 1980-2001
Anglican Church of Canada – General   Synod Proceedings Toronto: Church House, 1uuu LPL 1893-*
Anglican Church of Canada Yearbook Toronto: General Synod of the Church of England   in Canada, 1uuu- LPL 1909-*
Anglican Episcopal World [was Anglican World] RID 2005-*
WSC 2003-2006
Anglican Herald Nairobi: All Saints’ Cathedral [became Nairobi : journal of All Saints’ Cathedral,   Nairobi] CMS 1961-1968
Anglican Information
London: Anglican Consultative Council, 1971-1991
[became Anglican   World]
LPL 1972-1991
RCC 1981-1984*
SJC 1988-1991
Anglican Information [became Compass Rose] OHC 1971-1991*
Anglican Journal Toronto: Anglican Church of Canada [was Canadian Churchman] CMS 1989-
Anglican Messenger [Diocese of West Malaysia] CMS 1970-1988*,1994-*
Anglican Messenger (Canada) [Diocese of Athabasca & Edmonton] CMS 1984-
Anglican News (Belize) [Diocese of Belize] CMS 1986-
Anglican News (Natal) [Diocese of Natal] [was Natal-Bishops’ Newsletter] CMS 1990-
Anglican Outlook [Diocese of Trinidad & Tobago] CMS 1988-
Anglican Theological Review
Evanston, IL.: Anglican Theological Review, Inc., 1918-
DWL 1967-*
ICC 1969-1971*
KCL 1981-1995
MOR 1974-1981
NCL 1964-
OHC 1979-*                                                           PHL 1919-
RCC 1976-1984, 1991-
SJC 1972-1984,1995-
WSC 1960-*
Anglican Update (CPSA) [Church of the Province of Southern Africa][was Bishopscourt Update] CMS 1994-1996
Anglican Voice Ghana: Diocese of Accra CMS 1980-1981,1983-1984
Anglican World LPL 1960-1968
Anglican World
London: Anglican Consultative Council, 1993-
[was Anglican   information]
CMS current year                                                   HMC 1995-
LPL 1993-
OHC 1993-
RID 1998-2000
SJC 1988-2007
WSC 1993-2001
Anglicans for Renewal
Derby: Anglican Renewal Ministries
[was Armlink]
ANC 1984-1987                                                 CMS current year
ICC 1993-
SJC 1979- 2002
WSC 1980-1986
Anglo-Biblical Institute.   Transactions DWL 1858-1859
Anglo-Catholic Congress. Reports [London] DWL 1920-1948*
Anglo-Catholic Priests’ Convention.   Reports [London] DWL 1921
Colchester: Anglo-Orthodox Society, 1982-1995 [ceased publication]
KCL 1984-1995*
LPL 1989-1995*
SAC 1983-1995*
WSC 1992-1995
ANITEPAM Bulletin [the newsletter of the African Network of   Institutions of Theological Education Preparing Anglicans for Ministry]   Nairobi, Kenya: The Network, 1993- CMS 1993-                                                                 HMC 1996-
SJC 1997-
WSC 2002-*
Annalen der Philosophie und   philosophischen Kritik Leipzig: F. Meiner, 1919-1930   [became Erkenntnis] SUL 1919-1929
Annales de l’Association de la   Propagation de la Foi recueil : periodique annales de la propagation de la   foi
Lyons: Chez l’Editeur des Annales
HEY 1828-1851*
Annales de Bibliographie Theologique Paris: Librairie Fischbacher, 1888-1920 NCL 1888-1889
Annales de Philosophie Chrétienne [Paris] HEY 1830-1939*
Annales, economiques, societes,   civilisations HEY 1960*
Annales Pontificia Universitas   Urbania HEY 1981-*
Annals of Psychical Science : a   monthly journal devoted to critical… research [London] DWL 1905-1910
Annals of the propagation of the   faith Baltimore: Society of the Propagation   of the Faith HMC 1913-1920
Annals of the propagation of the   faith [Paris] [was Lettres edifiantes] HEY 1838-1892*
Année Philologique : bibliographie   critique et analytique de l’antiquité greco-latine
Paris: “Les Belles Lettres”
HEY 1924-1956*
Année Sociale Parlementaire HEY 1908
Annotated Booklist : Methodist   Missionary Society WCB 1953-1986
Annotated Lecture : Association of   Conservative Evangelicals in Methodism WCB 1977-1984*
Annuaire Paris: École Pratique des Hautes Études. 5e   Section. Sciences Religieuses ULE 1966-1994*
Annuaire Scientifique Paris: P.-P. Dehérain DWL 1862-1870
Annual Holocaust Conference Papers electronic journal
Annual Monitor (being an obituary of members of the Society of   Friends) LSF 1813-1920
NCL 1847-1920*
ULE 1813-1920
Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research Cambridge, MA: American Schools of   Oriental Research HEY 1924-2000
Annual of the British School at Athens  London: British School of Archaeology, 1894- DWL 1904-1956*
KCL 1894-*
Annual of the Department of   Antiquities of Jordan [Amman] HEY 1951
Annual of the Japanese Biblical   Institute Tokyo: Japanese Biblical Institute,   1976- HEY 1976-1995*
The Annual of the Society of   Christian Ethics Dallas, Texas: The Society ;   Waterloo, Ontario: Distributed by the Council on the Study of Religion, 1981- HEY 1991-
Annual of the Swedish Theological Institute
Leiden: Brill
ICC 1962-1978*
RCL 1963-1964
ULE 1973
Annual Register : world events
London: Longman
CLM 1758-
DWL 1758-1950
HEY 1758-1903
NCL 1758-1826
Annual Report : Gay Christian   Movement
[became Annual   Report: Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement]
WCB 1981, 1985, 1987
Annual Report : Lesbian and Gay   Christian Movement
[was Annual   Report: Gay Christian Movement]
WCB 1991
Annual Report : Ministerial Training   Committee (Wesleyan) Methodist Church   [became Annual   Report of the Ministerial Training Fund of the Methodist Church] WCB 1931/32-1938/39
Annual Report : Society for the   propagation of the Gospel [London] [includes The SPG story told to 1938] HEY 1938
Annual Report of…Missions carried   on in the West Indies JWC 1807
Annual Report of the Council for   Christians and Jews [was Report of the Council for Christians and Jews] WCB 1963-1964, 1966
Annual Report of the Ministerial Training   Fund of the Methodist Church   [was Annual Report: Ministerial Training Committee (Wesleyan) Methodist Church] WCB 1939/40-1975/76*
Annual Report of the Wesleyan   Theological Institution WCB 1834-1911, 1923-1931
Annual Review of the Social Sciences   of Religion Amsterdam: Mouton HEY 1977-1982
Annual Review of Women in World   Religions RCL 1996
Annuario Pontificio Città del Vaticano: Libreria Editrice Vaticana HEY 1920-*
Answered Prayer LSF 1961-1976
Antenna on Codevelopment NCL 1985-1992
Anthropology Today London: Royal Anthropological Institute, 1985-   [was Royal   Anthropological Institute News RAIN]1974-1984 ANC 1990-
MIL 1987-
RIL 1985-1991
Anthropotes JES 1995-2003                                                         MVI 1985-
Anti Caste London: Headley Bros. LSF 1888-1895
Anti-Slavery Advocate [London] DWL 1862*
Anti-Slavery Monthly Reporter London: Printed for the London Society for the   Mitigation & Abolition of Slavery in the British Dominions, 1825-1830   [became Anti-Slavery   Reporter] DWL 1826-1830*
LSF 1825-1836
NCL 1825-1830
Anti-Slavery Record LSF 1832-1833
Anti-Slavery Reporter DWL 1831-1833*
LSF 1853-
Anticipation: Christian social   thought in future perspective
Geneva: World Council of Churches
CMS 1970-1983                                                       NCL 1970-1983*
PHL 1070-1975
WSC 1970-1983
The Antidote Preston: Catholic Printing and Publishing Co. HEY 1890-1892
Antiquaries Journal Oxford: Society of Antiquaries CLM 1921-
DWL 1921-1960
HEY 1924-1933*
Cambridge: Antiquity Publications, 1927-
CLM 1927-
DAB 1927-1996
DWL 1927
HEY 1924-1933*
KCL 1927-1981*
LST 1928-1936
RCL 1975-1986*
Antithesis: a review of Reformed /   Presbyterian thought and action Irvine,   CA: Covenant Community Church of Orange County (O.P.C.), 1990- RHL 1990-1991*
Antithesis: a review of   Reformed/Presbyterian thought and action electronic journal
Rome: Pontifical Athenaeum Antonianum, 1926-
DAB 1978-1990
HEY 1952-
NCL 1956-
Anvil [Parish of All Saints & St Modwen, Riverside,   Zimbabwe] PHL 1983-1992                                                         UTC 1984-1987* 1998*, 2000*
Anvil : an Anglican Evangelical   journal for theology and mission   Nottingham, etc. : Anvil Trust, 1984-
ISSN: 0969-7373
ANC 1984-
CMS 1984-                                                         DSC 1984-
ICC 1984-1996*
KCL 1984-1995
LKH 1985-
LPL 1984-
LST 1984-
MOR 1985-1992, 1999-*
NCL 1984-
OHC 1984-
QCL 1984-2009
RCC 1984-1997*
RCL 1984-1988
RHL 1984-
RID 1984-
SAC 1984-1993*
SJC 1984-2009
SPC 1984-
STE 2001-
WES 1985-
WSC 1984-1996
WYC 1984-
APCC Journal Liverpool: Association   for Pastoral Care and Counselling   [ceased publication Feb. 1990] SPC 1982-1990*
Apeiron Edmonton: Academic Printing and Publishing,   1966- SUL 1966-1981, 1995*
Apocrypha : le champs des Apocryphes
Turnhout: Brepols, 1990-
KCL 1990-
NCL 1990-
Apollinaris : commentarius Instituti   Utriusque Iuris Rome: Institutum Utriusque Iuris   Pontificiae Universitatis Lateranensis GCL 1960- 1986
HEY 1928-1939, 1969-
JES 1928*-
The Apostle and Chronicle of the   Communist Church [only Vol.1 (1) Aug.1848 published] DWL 1848
Apostolos Barnabas Leukosia: Ekklesia Kyprou, 1918- KCL 1955-1972*
Appleseed Newsletter (Appleseed   Quaker Ministry Association) LSF 1991-2001
Appraisal [Loughborough] LST 1996-
Appropriate Technology London: Intermediate Technology Development   Group, 1974- ANC 1974-1977, 1986-
CMS 1974-
Aquinas : rivista internazionale di filosofia Rome: Pontificia Universita Lateranense HEY 1960-
Arabia East Burnham, Slough: Islamic Press Agency ANC 1984-1987
Arahuka : Diocese of Mt. Kenya Newsletter [Diocese of Mt. Kenya] [was Mount Kenya Diocesan News] CMS 1969-1976
Arahuka (Mount Kenya Diocesan Magazine) [Diocese of Mount Kenya] CMS 1965-1966
ARAM periodical Oxford: ARAM, 1989- OHC 1989-1993
Aramco World [Escondido, California] ANC 1992-
Arasaradi Journal of Theological   Reflections Madurai, India: Tamilnadu Theological Seminary CMS 1985-
Arbeiten zur Geschichte des antiken   Judentums und des Urchristentums   Leiden: Brill, 1968- KCL 1968-1978
Arbeiten zur Literatur und Geschichte   des hellenistischen Judentums Leiden:   Brill, 1961- KCL 1968-1989*
ARC NTC 1993-1996
Archaeologia Oxford: Vivian Ridler, 1770- CLM 1770-
DWL 1773-1959
HEC 1902-1917
KCL 1770-1973*
Archaeological and Historical   Collections NCL 1885-1899
Archaeological Journal London, 1844- CLM 1844-
DWL 1844-1957*
KCL 1845-1892
NCL 1846-1867*
Archaeological Report : Egypt   Exploration Fund WCB 1893-1898*, 1903-1912
Archaeological Reports London: Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies HEY 1983-1989
Archaeological Review NCL 1880-1890
Archaeology in the Biblical World U.S.A.: Near East Archaeological Society ICC 1991-1992*
Archbishop’s Mission to the Assyrian   Christians. Quarterly Paper London: SPCK for the Mission, 1890-1915 LPL 1890-1915*
Archbishop’s Mission to the Assyrian   Christians. Report London: SPCK for the Mission,   1886-1910 LPL 1886-1910*
Archief voor Nederlandsche   Kergeschiedenis NCL 1885-1899
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie
Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1888-1932,   1959-
ISSN: 0003-9101
KCL 1960-
SUL 1888-1980
UBL 1907-
ULE 1960-1979
Archiv für Katholisches Kirchenrecht Mainz am Rhein: Kirchheim, 1857- HEY 1857-1922, 1924-
Archiv für Keilschriftforschung Berlin: Im Selbstverlage des Herausgebers HEY 1923-1925
Archiv für Liturgiewissenschaft
Regensburg: Friedrich Pustet, 1950-
[was Jahrbuch   für Liturgiewissenschaft]
DAB 1950-
HEY 1950-
KCL 1983-1990*
LPL 1950-
NCL 1950-
Archiv für Orientforschung Graz: E.Weidner, 1926- HEY 1926-1934
Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte =   Archive for Reformation History   Gütersloh: Gütersloher Verlagshaus Gerd Mohn, 1903- BBC 1929-1988
DSC 1951-1977*
ICC 1989-1991
KCL 1979-
NCL 1903-
OHC 2001-                                                                 UTC 2001-
Archiv für Religionpsychologie und   Seelenfuhrung  Tubingen: J.C.B.Mohr (P.Siebech), 1914-1930 NCL 1914-1921
Archiv für Religionwissenschaft [Leipzig] DWL 1905-1938
NCL 1898-1938
Archiv orientalni Praha: Academia Publishing House HEY 1929-1937
Archive for Reformation History see   Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte
Archives d’Histoire Doctrinale et   Littéraire du Moyen Age
Paris: Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin, 1926-
HEY 1926-
JES 1926/7-
UBL 1926-1992
Archives de la France Monastique DWL 1905-1937
Archives de Philosophie Paris: Beauchesne et ses fils HEY 1923-
Archives de Sociologie des Religions Paris: Editions du Centre National de la   Recherche Scientifique, 1956-1972
[became Archives des Sciences Sociales des Religions]
NCL 1956-1972
SUL 1956-1972
Archives des Sciences Sociales des   Religions Paris: Centre National de la   Recherche Scientifique, 1973- [was Archives de Sociologie des Religions 1951-1972] DAB 1980-
NCL 1973-
SUL 1973-1977
UBL 1973-1998
Archives du Christainisme au   Dix-neuvieme Siecle NCL 1830-1838*
Archives Historiques de la Saintonge   et de l’Aunis HEY 1892,1898
Archives theologiques [Paris] HEY NS 1867
Archivium Hibernicum or Irish   Historical Records Shannon, etc.: Irish University Press for the Catholic Record Society of Ireland, 1912- DAB 1912-*
JES 1912*-
Archivo Dominicano Salamanca: Instituto Historico Dominicano de San   Esteban, 1980- DAB 1980-1982
Archivo Teologico Granadino Granada: Centro de Estudios Postridentinos de la   Facultad de Teologie de la Compania de Jesus de Granada, 1938- DAB 1988-
HEY 1938-
NCL 1960-1990
Archivum Franciscanum Historicum [Florence] CCL 1910-1988
DAB 1907-
DWL 1908-
Archivum Fratrum Praedicatorum Roma: Instituto Storico Domenicano, 1931- DAB 1931-1932, 63-68, 1975
Archivum Historiae Pontificiae Roma: Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, 1963- DAB 1963-1989
HEY 1963-
Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu Roma: Institutum Scriptorum de Historia S.I.,   1932- DAB 1932-
HEY 1932-
JES 1932-
Arctic News [Diocese of the Arctic] CMS 1980-
ARE Bulletin London: Association for the Religious in   Education RIL 1986-1994
Area BLS 1969-1983
Area Occasional Papers BLS 1971-1979
Arena : a quarterly review London: Sands & Co. HEY 1937
AREO : American Review of Eastern   Orthodoxy New York, etc.: Eastern Orthodox   Catholic Church in America, 1955- KCL 1961-1963*
NCL 1958-1967*                                                     UTC 1959-1967*
Areopagus Arhus, Denmark: Dialog Center-International,   1987-1997 [was Update]
[ceased publication 1997]
ANC 1987-1997
ICC 1994-1997*
LST 1987-1997
MOR 1988-1996*
Areopagus : a living encounter with   today’s religious world Hong Kong: Tao   Fong Shan Christian Centre [ceased publication] HMC 1994-1997
ICC 1994-1997*
Aristoteleian Society – Proceedings see   Proceedings of the   Aristotelian Society
Ark   London: Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare, 19uu- BLS 1972-1996
NCL 1857-1868
Arminian / Bible Christian Magazine see   Bible Christian   Magazine
Arminian Magazine London: G.Whitfield, 1778-1797 [became Methodist Magazine 1798-1821] [then Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine 1822-1913] [then Magazine of the Wesleyan Methodist Church 1914-1926] [then Methodist Magazine 1927-1970] DWL 1778-1797
JWC 1778-1797
NCL 1778-1797
QCL 1778-1797*
RPC 1778-1795
WCB 1778-1797
Arminian Magazine … of the   Connexion of People called Arminian Bible Christians
[became Bible   Christian Magazine]
WCB 1822-1827*
WES 1778-1797
WESC 1779-1797
ARMlink [became Anglicans for Renewal] ANC 1984-1987
SJC 1987-1990
WSC 1988-1990
Around Europe [Quaker Council for European Affairs] LSF 1978-
WBC 1978-
Art and Christianity JES 2000-
QCL 2004-
RID 1998-
WSC 2001-2005*
Art Sacré WSC 1959-1967
Article 227
Leicester; Nottingham: Friedensstimme (UK), 198u-1989 [became Partners]
ANC 1985-1989
HMC 1985-1989
NCL 1988*
RCL 1989*
WSC 1985-1989                                                       UTC 1985-1989*
Articles of Reformed Faith and Religion
Warington: United Reformed Church
LKH 1997-2000
QCL 1998-
Arts: the Arts in Religious and   Theological Studies RID 1988-
ActServe London: Methodist Arts Limited LKH 2011-
Arundel House RPC 1927-1991
Asbury Herald Wilmore, KY: Asbury Theological Seminary, 1985- NTC 1988-
Asbury Seminarian
Wilmore, KY: Asbury Theological Seminary, 1946-
NCL 1947-1950*
NTC Vols 2, 6, 9
Asbury Theological Journal Wilmore, KY: Asbury Theological Seminary, 1986- LKH 1995-
NTC 1987-
Ashland Theological Journal Ashland, Ohio: Ashland Theological Seminary,   1981- RHL 1988-*
Asia Christian Colleges Association   Bulletin London: ACCA, 1952-1978 NCL 1956
Asia Focus Singapore, etc.: Christian Conference of Asia,   196u- [was Church and   Society] ANC 1973-1975
CMS 1969-1975
Asia Journal of Theology
Singapore: [s.n.], 1987-
[was East Asia   Journal of Theology]
ANC 1987-                                                             CMS 1987-
ICC 1989-1991,1999-
LST 1987-
NCL 1987-RID 1997-
WCB 1994-
Asia Pulse Wheaton, Ill.: Evangelical Mission Information   Service, 1970-1983
[became World   Pulse]
ANC 1971-1983
RCL 1972-1983*
Asia Theological News Taipei: Asia Theological Association, 1974- ANC 1974-1990*
RCL 1983-1989*
Asia Tsushin Tokyo: Centre for Christian Response to Asian   Issues [was Japan-Asia   Monitor] CMS 1995-
Asian Affairs London: Royal Society for Asian Affairs CMS 1970-
Asian Challenge [Journal of Discipleship Training Centre,   Singapore] RCL 1976-1980*
Asian Church Today New Delhi, India: Evangelical Fellowship of   Asia, 1986- ANC 1991-1993, 1997-1998
RCL 1989*
Asian Church Woman Seoul: Asian Church Women’s Conference (ACWC) CMS 1978-*
Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies Baguio City, Philippines: Faculty of Asia Pacific   Theological Seminary MOR 1998-
Asian Mission [Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute] RCL 1990-*
Asian Mission Singapore: Overseas Missionary Fellowship, 1986- ANC 1986-
Asian Mission Advance Hwasung, S.Korea: Asian Missions Association LST 1978-1993
Asian Philosophy
Abingdon, England: Carfax Pub.Co., 1991-
London: Routledge
ISSN: 0955-2367
WCL 1991-
Asian Report RCL 1975-1976*
Asian Rural Institute Newsletter Tochigi-ken, Japan: Asian Rural Institute   [became Take My   Hand] CMS 1981-1993
Asiatik Researches : or, transactions   of the society [Asiatic Society of Bengal]   instituted in Bengal [London] CLM 1788-1805
DWL 1798-1818
Asociación de Biblistas Mexicanos (ABM) electronic journal
Asprenas Napoli: Accademia Ecclesiastica Napolentana, 1954- DAB 1980-
Association for Clinical Pastoral   Education – Annual Proceedings NCL 1961-1987
Association Internationale d’Etudes Patristiques NCL 1968-
Association of Evangelical Theological Education   in India see AETEI Journal
Association of General Baptist Ministers RPC 1877-1890
Association of Teachers of Religious Education in Scotland – Bulletin NCL 1967-1977
Astrology London: Astrological Lodge of London BLS 1970-
At-one-ment Washington, DC HEY 1959-1967
ATA Journal Bangalore, India: Asia Theological Association,   1993- ANC 1993-
Ateismo e Dialogo Citta del Vaticano: Segretariato per i non credenti, 1966- CCL 1976-1994
HEY 1970-*
JES (1970*-1993)
ATESEA Occasional Papers RCL 1987
Athéisme et foi Vatican City: Pontificium de Cultura [became Cultures et foi] HEY 1990-1993
Atlantis DAB 1858-1859
Atti della Accademia Nazionale dei   Lincei [Rome] HEY 1950-1956*
Atti della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi Arcetri-Firenze: La Fondazione HEY 1968*
Aubern Seminary Record NCL 1919-1931*
Audenshaw Documents Richmond, England: Audenshaw Foundation, 19uu- LKH 1971-1986
NCL 1975-1986*
Audenshaw Papers
Manchester, England: Audenshaw Foundation, 1967- The Hinksey Centre, Oxford
[was Christian   Comment 1958-1968]
CMS 1969-1993                                                       LKH 1969-
NCL 1983-1984
RCC 1969-
SAC 1976-1994*
SPC 1995-
STE 1982-1988*
WCL 1988-
Augustinian Heritage HEY 1983-1993
Augustinian Studies Bowling Green, OH: Philosophy Documentation Center, 1970- ISSN : 0094-5323 JES 1970-
NCL 1970-
Augustiniana Heverlee-Louvain, Belgium, etc.: Augustijns   Historisch Instituut, 1951- DAB 1963-
Augustinianum Rome: Collegium Internationale Augustiniarum,   1961- DAB 1963-1971
HEY 1962-
ICC 1961-1963
JES 1961-
Augustinus Madrid: Liberia Editorial Augustinus, 1956- DAB 1980-
HEY 1970-1985*                                                     PHL 1956-1981
Aujour d’Hui [Journal de Taizé] NCL 1963-1968
Aurora Borealis LSF 1833
Australian Biblical Review ISSN : 0045-0308 SPC 1974-2003
Australian Friend also called Australasian Friend and Friend of Australia & New Zealand LSF 1887-
WBC 1952-
Australasian Catholic Record Sydney, etc.:Australasian Catholic Record, 1924-   [Official organ for communications issued by the Apostolic Delegate to   Australasia] GCL 1963-1976
HEY 1926-1977*
Australasian Journal of Philosophy Bundoora, Victoria: Australasian Association of   Philosophy
ISSN: 0004-8402
[was Australasian   Journal of Psychology and Philosophy]
KCL 1923-*
SUL 1954-
UBL 1947-
ULE 1950-1993
Australian Anglican Clergy Directory Melbourne: Anglican Media, 1992- LPL 1994-
Australian Board of Missions Review [Australian Board of Missions] CMS 1947-1974*
Australian Presbyterian Life – Living   Today Burwood, NSW: National Journal   Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, 1989-1990 RHL previous year                                                 UTC 2000-2011*
AVA Magazine : the independent   quarterly for users of audio-visual aids in religious education Wallington: Redligious Education Press Film   Bureau, 1964-1988 [became Look Hear] NTC 1985-1988
SAC 1977-1987*
WCB 1972-1979
Ave   [Society of Mary quarterly notes] BLS 1972-1988                                                         PHL 1926-*
Avon Religious Education Bulletin WCB 1979-1981*
Awake ! Brooklyn, NY: Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, 1946- ANC 1983-1988                                                       BLS 1973-1990
Awakening Faith Mumbai, India: Diocesan Catechetical Centre MVI 2006-
Aware Carlisle: Paternoster [was Harvester, ceased pub.1995] ANC 1991-1995
LST 1990-1995
MOR 1991-1994
RCL 1990-1993*
SPC 1991-1995*
UTC 1990-1995*
Awareness [was News and Views] [ceased publication] LST 1982-1992
Aylesford Review Aylesford, England: St.Alban’s Press, 1955- CCL 1962-1968
KCL 1965-1968*

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