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Title Holdings
Dacca Diocesan News [Diocese of Dacca] CMS 1960-1982
DAGA Info [Documentation for Action Groups in Asia, Hong Kong] CMS current year
Dalit International Newsletter [Presbyterian Church, USA] CMS 1996-
WSC 2000*
Dalrymple’s Secession Magazine and Religious Examiner NCL 1845-
Danish Yearbook of Philosophy
Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 1964-
ISSN: 0070-2749
DWL 1964-
KCL 1964-1972
SUL 1964, 1971
ULE 1964-1985
Dansalan Quarterly
[Peter Gowing Memorial Research Centre, Philippines]
ANC 1979-1989
CMS 1979-1989
Darjeeling Diocesan Church News [Diocese of Darjeeling] CMS 1978-1985*
Darshan [SCM of India] CMS 1957-1960
[Magazine of the Islamic Cultural Centre, Birmingham]
BLS 1991-*
NMC 1995-
The Dawn : an evangelical magazine DWL 1924-1940,1949-1953
WES 1924-1933
Dawn: an Irish journal of non-violence LSF 1974-1985
Dawn Report
San Jose, CA: Dawn Ministries
ANC 1986-
NTC 1993-
Daybreak UTC 1875-1892*, 1894-1968*
Daybreak [Primary] UTC 1969-1978*
The Day and Sunday Scholars’ National Magazine of Morals, Science and Language London: J.Cleave ULE 1844
The Day of Days Annual : a magazine for Sunday reading
London: “Home Words” Publishing Office
ULE 1879, 1887
Daystar [USCL/SPCK] CMS 1952-1958*
Dead Sea Discoveries : a journal of current research on the scrolls and related literature
Leiden: Brill, 1994-
HEY 1994-
ICC 1994
KCL 1994-
LST 1995-
NCL 1994-
OHC 1998
SUL 1996-
WCB 1994-1997
Decade Link Geneva: WCC Publications No holdings known
Decision MOR 1998-*
RCL 1994-*
Decisiones seu sententiae : editae Apostolicum rotae romanae tribunal Vatican City: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1909- HEY 1909-16*, 1918-1994
JES 1909-*
Delhi Diocesan Leaflet [Diocese of Delhi] CMS 1952-1966
Delhi Diocesan Newsletter [Diocese of Delhi] CMS 1972-1983*
Delhi and Rajasthan, Friends of the Diocese of, Newsletter CMS 1982-
The Deliverer London: Salvation Army WBM 1889, 1893-1901*,1945
[was Music in Worship]
[was Christian Music] [became Worship Together]
NTC 1993-1996
OHC 1993-1996
Deutero-Canonica : the organ of the International Society of the Apocrypha
Dorset: The Society, 1905-1906
NCL 1905-1906
Deutsche Rundschau Berlin: Baetel HEY 1874-1882*
Deutsche Viertelijahsschrift für Englische-Theologische Forsc. NCL 1861
Deutscher Palastina-Verein (Mittheilungen und Nachrichten) NCL 1899-1912
Deutsches Archiv zur Geschichte des Mittelalters Köln: Bohlau, 1937-1944 DAB 1937-
Deveopling World Bioethics JES 2001-
Development Research Digest [Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex] CMS 1978-1983*
London: Dept. for International Development
[was British Overseas Development]
ANC 1998-
CMS previous 2 years LKH 2001- 2010
RCL 1998-
SJC 2000-2010
Dhaka Diocesan News [Diocese of Dhaka] CMS 1983-
Dharma Deepika : a South Asian Journal of Missiological Research
Mylapore, Madras, India: Deepika Educational Trust
ANC 1995-
BBC 1995-
HMC 1995-
ICC 1995, 1997-
LKH 1997-
LST 1995-1997
MOR 1997-
NTC 1996-1998
OHC 2000-
QCL 1995-
RCC 1997-
RCL 1995-1997*
RID 1996-
SAC 1996-
SJC 1996-2011             UTC 1996-2010*
WCB 1995-
WES 1995-
Diakonia Nicaragua: Centro Ignaciano HEY 1981-
Diakonia : a quarterly devoted to advancing orthodox Catholic dialogue
Bronx, N.Y.: John XXIII Center, Fordham University, 1966-
CCL 1966-1996
HEY 1970-1975
JES 1966-2002
LPL 1970-1986*
Diakonia : news from the Jesuit Refugee Service Asia Pacific
Bangkok : Jesuit Refugee Service Asia Pacific.
HEY 1993-*
Diakonia (Studi e Informazioni) NCL 1962-1967
Diakonia News : newsletter of the World Federation of Deaconess Associations
Edinburgh: The Federation, 19uu-
No holdings known
Dial : Mount Zion Methodist Church, Halifax JWC 1990-
Dialectica : international review of philosophy of knowledge
Neuchatel, Suisse : Editions du Griffon, 1947-
KCL 1947-*
UBL 1947-1993
St. Paul, Minn.: Dialog Inc., 1962-
CCL 1978-1997
NCL 1962-
RID 1963-1977
Dialogo Ecumenico Salamanca: Departamento de Publicaciones, Universidad Pontificia, 1966- NCL 1980-1982
Colombo: Ecumenical Institute for Study and Dialogue
ANC 1963-1968, 1975-
CMS 1963-
Ottawa: Canadian Philosophical Association, 1962-
UBL 1967-
ULE 1962-1993
Dialogue : a journal for sixth form religious studies
[became Dialogue: a journal of religion and philosophy]
LST 1995-
OHC 1993-
RCL 1993-1997
YRE 1993-
Dialogue: a journal of religion and philosophy
Bournemouth: John Waters
Abingdon: Dialogue, 1993-
Liverpool: Christian Theology Trust?
ISSN: 1367-2592
[Variant title (?) Dialogue: a journal for religious studies and philosophy]
HEY 2001-
LST 1995-
OHC 1993-
SPC 2012-
YRE 1993-
Dialogue and Alliance: a journal of the International Religious Foundation
New York: International Religious Foundation, 1987-
WCB 1987-2001*
Dialogue and Resistance LSF 1985-1992
Diario Romano Rome: Presso Cracas HEY 1801-1804*
Dickinson’s Theological Annual London: R.D. Dickinson NCL 1875
Dickinson’s Theological Quarterly London: R.D. Dickinson, 1875-1883 NCL 1876-1880
Dielheimer Blatter zum Alten Testament Dielheim: H.Schult und B.Diebner, 1972- NCL 1975-*
Dieu Vivant : perspectives religieuses et philosophiques
Paris: Editions du Seuil, 1945-1955
DAB 1945-1952
HEY 1945-1955*
Digest St. Albans: Association of Chrisian Teachers YRE 1995-
Digest of the Proceedings of the Synods of the Presbyterian Church of England LKH 1876-1920
Dignitarian [Zimbabwe] LSF 1993-1995*
WBC 1991-
Dini na Mila : revealed religion and traditional beliefs Kampala, Uganda: Makere University CMS 1965-1969*             ULE 1968-1975*
Diocesan Bulletin [Diocese of Argentina & Uruguay] CMS 1987-*
Diocesan Echo [Diocese of Hong Kong and Macao] CMS 1981-1991
Diocesan Link : monthly magazine of the Diocese of Bloemfontein, Church of the Province of South Africa Bloemfontein: [s.n.], 19uu- CMS 1980-
Diocesan News [Diocese of George, CPSA] CMS 1996-
Diocesan News [Dioceses of Kamloops and Cariboo, Canada] [was Cariboo Contact] CMS 1990-
Diocesan News Bulletin (Sabah) [Diocese of Sabah] CMS 1990-
Diocese of Hereford Directory
[was Hereford Diocesan Year Book, 1950-1991]
[was Hereford Diocesan Calendar, 1866-1948]
HEC 1995-*
Diocese of Liverpool Review LPL 1926-1939*
Diogenes Firenze: Casalini Libri, 1953- KCL 1953-1970
Dionysius Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University Press, 1977- HEY 1977-1991* NS. 1998-
Directory for Travelling Friends LSF 1978-
Directory of American Philosophers Albuquerque, New Mexico: A. J. Bahm HEY 1964-65, 1968-1969
Directory of Departments and Programs of Religious Studies in N. America Macon, GA: Council of Societies for the Study of Religion SUL 1989
Directory of the English Church Union London: English Church Union, 1866-1933 LPL 1866-1933*
Diritto Ecclesiastico Milano, etc.: A. Giuffre, etc. GCL 1962-1980*
Discernment : an ecumenical journal of inter-religious encounter
[The Churches’ Commission for Interfaith Relations, in association with the School of Theology, Westminster College, Oxford]
CMS 1986-                       LTI 1986-
LKH 1986-1988
OHC 1986-1997
SJC 1997-
SPC 1986-
STE 1986-1992
WCB 1987-1993*
WCL 1996-
WESC 1986-1993
YRE 1986-1994*
The Disciple : a magazine for Unitarians and other Christian people
Belfast : M’Caw, Stevenson & Orr, 1881-1uuu
DWL 1881-1883
Discipleship Journal
Colorado Springs: Navigators/NavPres.
MOR 1990-*
OHC 2002-
RCL 1984-1985,1991-1998*
WBM 1994-
Discourse LKH 2003-
Discoveries in the Judaean Desert Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1955-1961 DSC 1955-
Diskus : a disembodied journal of religious studies [Bath] ANC 1993-1996
DISKUS : a disembodied journal of religious studies Electronic Journal
Dissenter DWL 1836
RPC 1836
Distinctive Diaconate
London: Distinctive Diaconate
SAC 1998-
SJC 1986-
Distinctive Diaconate News
London: Deaconness Community of St. Andrew, 1981-
RCC 1983-*
SJC 1986-2012
WSC 1983-
Distinctive Diaconate Studies London: Deaconess Community of St. Andrew, 19uu- RCC 1982-*
Distinctive News of Women in Ministry
London: Distinctive News of Women in Ministry
RCC 1982-*
SAC 1998-
SJC 1995, 2005-2012
WSC 1999-
District Synod Agenda : Methodist Church, Bristol District JWC 1994-
Divinitas : Pontificiae Academiae Theologicae Romanae Commentarii
Città del Vaticano: Divinitas, 1957-
DAB 1967
HEY 1963-1975*, 1980-
Divinity UTC 1945-1950*
Divus Thomas : rivista quadrimestrale dello studio filosofico domenico
Bologna: Edizioni Studio Domenico
HEY 1880-1993*, 1996-
JES 1923-1949
NCL 1964-
Docete [Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education (ECCCE)] MVI 2000-2003
Doctor Communis Città del Vaticano: Pontificia Accademia di S Tommaso HEY 1950-1955, 1958-*
Doctrine and Life
Dublin, etc.: Dominican Publications, 1951-
CCL 1961-
DAB 1975-
GCL 1961-
HEY 1970-*
ICC 1972-2000
JES 1954-*
MIL 1951-1990
NCL 1972-*                     UTC 1993-
Doctrine and Life Supplement Dublin: Dominican Publications, 1962-1980
[became Religious Life Review]
CCL 1963-1979
Documencap [became All People] WCB 1979-1981
Documentation Catholique
Paris: Bayard Presse, 1919-
GCL 1983-1991
HEY 1936-39, 1953-*
JES 1920-*
LPL 1952-*                       PHL 1966-1975
Documentation in Medical Ethics NCL 1972-1975
Documenti e Studi sulla Tradizione Filosofica Medievale : an international journal on the philosophical tradition from Late Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages of the Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino (S.I.S.M.E.L.) Turnhout : Brepols, 1990- No holdings known
Dolman’s Magazine
London: Charles Dolman, 18uu-18uu
DAB 1845-1849
HEY 1845-1849*
Dome [Magazine of the Friends of St. Paul’s Cathedral] LPL 1963-                         PHL 1958-1964
Dominican History Newsletter Rome: Institutum Historicum Ordnis Fratrum Praedicatorum HEY 1992-1995
Dominican Studies
London, etc.: Blackfriars Publications, 1948-1954
DAB 1948-1954
HEY 1948-1954
Donum Dei Ottawa: Canadian Religious Conference, 1959- HEY 1967-83, 1985-1988
Doorway Papers [papers by Arthur C. Custance] RCL 1957-1968*
Dor le Dor Jerusalem: World Jewish Bible Centre [became Jewish Bible Quarterly] ANC 1987
Doran’s Minister’s Manual New York: George H. Doran, 1926-1946 NCL 1936-1940
Double Image [Bulletin of men, women and God] RCL 1992-*
The Downside Review
Bath: Downside Abbey, 1880-
BLS 1882-1915, 1932-
CCL 1883-
DAB 1880-
GCL 1948-
GLD 1975-
HEY 1880-
ICC 1945-1967*
JES 1949-*
KCL 1965-1990*
LPL 1937-1943*
MVI 1997-
NCL 1950-*                     PHL 1931-
RCC 1958-1965
SAC 1949-1980*
SPC 1979-1988
UBL 1982-
WSC 1944-1981*
Dr. Fletcher’s Juvenile Magazine NCL 1851
Dr. Williams’ Library Lectures RPC 1967-2001
Drew Gateway Madison, U.S.A.: Drew University No holdings known
Drishtikone: Evangelical perspectives on mission and ethics
New Delhi: EFICOR [ceased publication]
HMC 1995-1996
Dublin Literacy Journal WBC 1943-1945
Dublin Literary Journal LSF 1843-1846
Dublin Review
London: Tablet Pub. Co., 1836-
[became The Month ; 1961-64 entitled: Wiseman Review]
CCL 1836-1968
DAB 1836-1968
DWL 1961-1965
GCL 1836-1857
HEY 1836-1969
NCL 1836-1969*
Dumbarton Oaks Papers Locust Valley, NY: 1941- DAB 1941-
DWL 1959-
KCL 1941-*
Dunamis WCB 1981-1989*

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