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Title Holdings
FABC Papers JES 1994-1997*
Fac Reflexion RHL 1986-*
Face to Face ANC 1988
Facing Bench LSF 1983-
Fact and Faith London: Industrial Christian Fellowship, 1959- LPL 1959-196?
Fact Finder : bulletin of the Temperance Council of the Christian Churches
London: Temperance Council of the Christian Churches, 1950-1979
LPL 1950-1979*
Facts London: Evangelical Missionary Alliance [ceased publication 1996] ANC 1985-1996                                             CMS 1993-1996
ICC 1991-1996*
NTC 1994-1996
RCL 1980-1996*
UTC 1980-1996*
Fair News London: Family Action Information and Resource ANC 1981-
Fairacres Chronicle HEC 1968-1990*                                       PHL 1968-*
SJC 1984-1995                                                   SSH 1967-
[Shaftesbury]: Faith-Keyway Trust
HEY 2001-,MVI 1998-
Faith and Freedom : a journal of Christian ethics
Bentley, WA: Baptist Peace Fellowship of Australia
[ceased publication 1998]
SPC 1996-1998
Faith and Freedom : a journal of progressive religion
Oxford: Manchester College
BBC 1965-1974
BLS 1947-1998
DWL 1947-
LKH 1947-
NCL 1948-1984*
Faith and Heritage
London: Prayer Book Society, 197u-
KCL 1991-1994*
OHC 1982-
SAC 1978-1994*
SJC 1977-2002*
WSC 1989-2002*
Faith and Philosophy : journal of the Society of Christian Philosophers
Wilmore, KY:Society of Christian Philosophers, 1984-
DSC 1984-
HEY 1984-1994, 1996-
KCL 1984-*
QCL 2004-
NTC 1984-
Faith and Thought
Carlisle: Paternoster Periodicals for the Victoria Institute
[became Science and Christian Belief]
BLS 1867-1988
ICC 1967-1988*
KCL 1959-1988*
LST 1886-1988*
MOR 1958-1982*
NCL 1958-1966*
NTC 1985-1988
OHC 1958-1988
RCL 1958-1988*
RHL 1958-1987                                                 UTC 1958-1964*, 1972-1988*
RID 1962-1982
SJC 1958-1977
SPC 1930-1988
WCL 1970-1989
Faith and Thought Bulletin
Croydon : the Victoria Institute, 1987-
ISSN: 0955-2790
RCL 1987-1993*
WYC 1989-
Faith and Unity
London: Church Union, etc., 1946-1978
KCL 1963-1978*
LPL 1946-1978
QCL 1951-1961                                                   SSH 1972-1978*
Faith and Worship
London: Prayer Book Society
KCL 1988-1994*
OHC 1981-
QCL 2007-
SAC 1980-1994*
SJC 1976-
WSC 1990-2005
Faith in Business Quarterly
Cambridge: Industry Churches Forum/ Ridley Hall Foundation
ISSN: 1369-653x
[was ICF Quarterly Papers]
LST 1997-2003
QCL 2007-
RID 1997-
SJC 1998-
SPC 1997-
WYC 1997-
Faith Magazine [The Faith-Keyway Trust] MVI 1998-
Faith to Faith Newsletter Bristol : Faith to Faith (Trinity College) ANC 1999-
Faith Today RHL 3 years
Faithful Words for Old and Young London: Alfred Holness ULE 1878, 1893
Familia et Vita JES 1997*-
Family [News of the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea] CMS 1990-                                                         UTC 1980-1986*
Family Friend NCL 1849-1851
Family Process Allendale, NJ: Family Process Inc., 1962- OHC 1987-1997
Family Therapy Networker JES 1982-1999
The Family Treasury of Sunday Reading
London: Thomas Nelson & Sons
NCL 1870-1876
ULE 1861
Famona Newsletter [Parish of St.Mary, Famona, Zimbabwe] CMS 1985-
Far Eastern Economic Review
Hong Kong: Review Publishing
ANC 1987-
CMS current year
FEBA Radio News [Far Eastern Broadcasting Association] CMS current year
Fellowship in Prayer LSF 1982-1989
fellowship for Evangelising Britain’s Villages. Annual Report LSF 1969-
Fellowship of Friends of Truth Newsletter
Birmingham: Fellowship of Friends of Truth
BLS 1972-1993
LSF 1956-1976
WBC 1968-1985
Fellowship of Friends of Truth (USA) Newsletter LSF 1963-1993
Fellowship of Friends of Truth Quarterly LSF 1953-1962*
Fellowship of St. Alban and St. Sergius. Journal [became Sobornost] DWL 1933-1934
Female Missionary Intelligencer LSF 1954
Feminist Review
Andover, Hants: Routledge
ICC 1995-
KCL 1992-
WCL 1988-
Feminist Theology : journal of the British and Ireland School of Feminist Theology
Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1992-
ISSN : 0966-7350
ANC 1993*
HEY 1993-*
ICC 1992-
JES 1992*-
KCL 1994-
LKH 1992-*
LST 1993-2004
NMC 1994-
QCL 1992-
RCC 1997-
RIL 1992-
SAC 1992-
SJC 1992-
SPC 2005-
WCB 1994-
WCL 1992-
WSC 1992-*
FGConnections LSF 1996-
FGC Quarterly LSF 1968-1993
Fiangonana sy ny sekoly (Friends Foreign Mission Association) LSF 1884-1887
Fiat RCC Vol.1
Fides [IFS] MIL 1997-
Fides et Historia Fort Worth, Tx: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ICC 1991, 1996-*
OHC 1991-                                                         UTC 1970-1995*
The Field Officer [circulated privately to Salvation Army officers] [was The Officer] [became The Officer] WBM 1900-1913
Fiery Cross Letchworth/London: Anglo-Catholic Congress/Church Union, 1925- LPL 1929-1965
Figaro in London London: W.Strange HEY 1832-1837
Filologia Neotestamentaria
Cordoba: Ediciones el Almendro
LST 1993-
NCL 1988-                                                           UTC 1988-2001*
First Things OHC 2001-
RHL 1996-*
First Things: the journal of religion and public life Electronic Journal
First Review Electronic Journal
The Flame London: Evangel Press ICC 1982-1986
Flame [Rev. P.W.Gentry, BS23 2SB] NTC 1971-
Flame : Evangelism Committee of the World Methodist Council WCB 1977-1982*
The Flame : occasional letter from the Anglican Bishop in Iran CMS 1986-1990
Flying Angel News [Missions to Seamen] CMS current year
The Flying-Post : or, The Post-Master [microfilm of copies held in the Bodleian Library] DWL 1719
Focus [Christian Ministries Trust] GLD 1991-1995
Focus [Diocese of Brisbane] CMS current year                                            NCL 1985-*
Focus [NWMS] NTC 1982-
Focus [was Outlook, Advance, Scottish Congregationalist] GLD 1982-
Focus : a theological journal Willowdale, Ontario: Regis College HEY 1964-1968
Focus on Africa [BBC African Service] CMS 1990-
Focus on Christian-Muslim Relations  [Islamic Foundation] [ceased publication] ANC 1985-1993
CMS 1985-1993
Focus on Political Repression in Southern Africa [IDAF] CMS 1981-1991*
Foi et Langage KCL 1978-1980
Folia Theologica JES 1992*-
Folio ICC 2000-
London: Routledge
ISSN: 0015-587X
DWL 1890-91
HEC 1905
NCL 1975-
Folk-Lore Journal London: Folk-Lore Society DWL 1883-1889
Folk-Lore Record DWL 1878-1882
Folk-Lore Society Publications DWL 1878-1891
Footsteps Teddington: TEAR Fund ANC 1991-
Footsteps of Truth London: John F.Shaw & Co. ULE 1892-1893*
For a Change [was New World News 1979-1987] GLD 1987-
RHL 1988-
For Men London: Church of England Men’s Society, 1954-1971
[was C.E.M.S. Magazine] [became Quest]
LPL 1954-1969
Foreign Field of the Wesleyan Methodist Church
London: Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society
WCB 1923-1932
Foreign Quarterly Review CLM 1830-1845
DWL 1827-1846                                               PHL 1830-1892
Forerunner LSF 1914-1917
Forest Sangha Newsletter
Hemel Hempstead: Amaravati Monastery
BLS 1991-
YRE 1990-
Forging Ahead LSF 1919-1920
Forschungen zur Christlichen Litteratur und Dogmengeschichte HEY 1905*; 1931*
Fortnight’s Register DWL 1763
Fortnightly Review DWL 1865-68, 1874-1922
Forum [WCC / JPIC Programme] ANC 1987-1990
GCL 1978-1985
NCL 1985-
NTC 1939-1989
Forum : foundations and facets Sonoma, CA: Polebridge Press, 1985- HEY 1985-1994. NS. 1998-
Forum Katholische Theologie [München] HEY 1985-
Forward in Faith Newsletter LPL 1993-                                                         PHL 1992-2002*
Forum for the Association of Christians in Higher Education Leicester: UCCF UTC 1987-1996*
Forum: Review of Canon Law and Jurisprudence JES 1998-
Forum Philosophicum: international jrnl for study of philosophy JES 1996-
Foundation: the magazine of the Westminster Pastoral Foundation
London: Wesyminster Pastoral Foundation
WCB 1987-1989
Manchester: William Temple Foundation, 1998-
BBC 1998-
LPL 1998-
Foundations: a journal of Evangelical Theology
London: British Evangelical Council, 1978-Publisher change of name to Affinity-Church based partnership for Bible centred Christianity
ANC 1991-1993
ICC 1978-1981, 1990-
LST 1981-1987*
MOR 1981-*
OHC 1997-
RCL 1978-*
RHL 1978-*
SPC 1978-1984*
WCB 1991-1997
WES 1978-2003*
Foundations: Episcopal Synod of America OHC 1990-1999*                                           PHL 1990-1993
Foundations : journal of the American Baptist Historical Society
[became American Baptist Quarterly 1982]
BBC 1970-1982
LKH 1960-1972
RPC 1958-1982
SPC 1958-1982
Foundations : making connections for Christian action
Manchester: The William Temple Foundation, 1998-
MOR 1998-1999*
SAC 1998-
WCB 1998-2000
WSC 1998-2000
Foundations and Facets Forum Banner: Polebridge Press, 1985- SUL 1985-1993
Fountain DWL 1879-1880
Foxtrot: a newsletter of the Quaker Fellowship of the Arts LSF 1988-2002
WBC 1988-
Fragrant Stream Hong Kong: Victoria Diocesan Association [supplement to Outpost] CMS 1953-1960*
The Franciscan
Dorchester : Society of Saint Francis, 1959-
[was Franciscan News]
CCL 1972-
HEY 1964-1974*
KCL 1961-1974*
LPL 1937-*
SAC 1964-*
SJC 1996-2014
WSC 1962-*
Franciscan Missionary Herald Eccleshall, Staffs: Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph HEY 1979-*
The Franciscan News HEC 1958-1977*
WSC 1959-1962*
Franciscan Studies
Saint Bonaventure, NY: Franciscan Institute, 1941-
CCL 1959-1990
DAB 1942-1967*
HEY 1941-1950, 1961-
JES 1941-
UBL 1941-*
Franciscanum JES 1990-*
Frankfurther Juraistiche Beitrage NCL 1974-1982*
Franziskanische Studien HEY 1928-1939
Fraternal [became Baptist Ministers’ Journal] BBC 1931-1991
LST 1969-
RPC 1907-
SPC 1936-*
The Fraternal Messenger DWL 1850-1856
The Fraternal Record DWL 1858-1860
Free Catholic : the monthly organ of the Free Catholic Movement DWL 1916-1927                                               PHL 1921-1927
Free Catholics NCL 1923-1924*
Free Christian RPC 1934
Free Church Chronicle
London: Free Church Federal Council
BBC 1980-1988
LKH 1937-2001*
RPC 1946-2000*
SPC 1946-2000*
UTC 1994-1997*
Free Church College Calendar NCL 1972-1985
Free Church Federal Council Annual Report
London: Free Church Federal Council
LKH 1934-1999
RPC 1958-2000
SPC 1934-
WESC 1982-1996*
Free Church Magazine NCL 1844-1853
RHL 1944-1952*
Free Church of Scotland – Principal Acts of General Assembly NCL 1973-
Free Church of Scotland Yearbook NCL 1973-
Free Church Witness WES 2000-
Free Churchman and Christian Spectator RPC 1868
Free Church Yearbook RPC 1902-1915
Free Grace Record RPC 1947-1970
Free Methodist NTC 1949
Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland – Proceedings of Synod NCL 1975-
Free Presbyterian Magazine GLD 1906-
WES 1896-1897, 1987-
Free to Believe Briefing LKH current year
Free University Quarterly NCL 1950-1965*
Freedom Today MOR 1989-*
Freethinker GLD 1881-*
NCL 1988-
Freethinking Christian’s Magazine DWL 1811-1814
Freethinking Christian’s Quarterly Register DWL 1823-1824
LSF 1823-1825
Freewill Baptist Quarterly RPC 1827-1858
Freiburger Rundbrief : Beiträge zur christlich-jüdischen Begegnung
Freiburg, 1948-
DWL 1970-
HEY 1954-1967*
KCL 1965-1986*
Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie Freiburg: Paulus Verlag HEY 1954-1964, 1966-
JES 1954-
Freund LSF 1921-1925
The Friend
London: Friend Publications Ltd.
BLS 1843-
GLD 1988-
LSF 1843-
WBC 1843-
YRE current year
Friend [Philadelphia]
[amalgamated with Friends’ Intelligencer]
[became Friends Journal 1955]
LSF 1827-1955
WBC 1828-1953*
Friend or Advocate of Truth [Philadelphia] LSF 1828-1831
WBC 1828-1829,1831
Friend of Armenia LSF 1919, 1928
Friend of India 1818-1825
Friend of Missions (incl. Children’s Missionary Paper) LSF 1877-1891
Friend of the African (incl. Friend of Africa) LSF 1841-1846
Friendly Companion RPC 1877-1983
Friendly Flashes from our Mission Fields Richmond, IN: American Friends Board of Missions LSF 1932-1946
Friendly Leaves RPC 1901-1904
Friendly Letter LSF 1981-1993
WBC 1984-1993
Friendly Messenger
[Friends Foreign Mission Association]
LSF 1904-1910
WBC 1905-1908
Friendly Newsletter Greensboro: North Carolina Yearly Meeting LSF 1980-1981; 1990-1992
Friendly Vegetarian Washington DC: Friends Vegetarian Society of North America LSF 1983-1995
The Friendly Visitor London: S.W.Partridge & Co. BBC 1838-1839
ULE 1887-1889
Friendly Visitor (incl. Woodnutt Visitor) LSF 1910-1915
Friendly Way: Ireland’s Quaker News Journal LSF 1948-1990
WBC 1952-1955,1964-1992*
Friendly Woman: a journal for the exchange of ideas, feelings, hopes and experiences by and among Quaker women [USA] LSF 1974-
WBC 1986
Friendly Word: Ireland’s Quaker News Journal LSF 1984-
WBC 1984-
Friends: a publication of Southwest Yearly Meeting LSF 1986-1988
Friends Ambulance Unit: the Swallow LSF 1917-1918
Friends Ambulance Unit Annual Report LSF 1939-1946
Friends Ambulance Unit Association Magazine LSF 1919-1921
Friends Ambulance Unit International Service Annual Report LSF 1946-1949
Friends Ambulance Unit Magazine LSF 1916-1921
Friends Ambulance Unit Chronicle LSF 1939-1946
Friends Association for Higher Education WBC 1996-
Friends Association of Higher Education Newsletter LSF 1987-
Friends Bulletin LSF 1934-*
WBC 1951-
Friends Christian Fellowship Union Quarterly Circular LSF 1875-1906
WBC 1903-1906
Friends Committee on National Legislation WBC 1979-1992*
Friends Committee on National Legislation: Indian Report LSF 1998-
Friends Committee on National Legislation: Washington Newsletter LSF 1950-*
Friends Council for Education: Chronicles of Quaker Education LSF 1997-
Friends Education Council Bulletin LSF 1965-1972
Friends’ Expositor WBC 1887-1892
Friends Fellowship of Healing Newsletter [became Towards Wholeness] LSF 1963-1972
Friends Fellowship Papers LSF 1907-1923
WBC 1907-1923
Friends for Action London: Friends for Action LSF 1933-1934
Friends for Lesbian and Gay Concerns: Newsletter [USA] LSF 1987-
WBC 1987-
Friends’ Historical Society RPC 1903-1974
Friends Foreign Mission Association Monthly Bulletin LSF 1925-1926
Friends Foreign Mission Association Monthly News Sheet LSF 1911-1914
Friends Foreign Mission Association News Sheet LSF 1921-1925
Friends Foreign Mission Association Quarterly LSF 1925-1926
Friends Historical Association of Philadelphia. Bulletin [became Quaker History] LSF 1924-1961
Friends Historical Society: Newsletter LSF 1986-
Friends Historical Society: Wales & West Midlands Regional Group. Newsletter LSF 1992-
Friends Historical Society. West Country Group. Newsletter LSF 1993-
Friends Historical Society of Philadelphia Bulletin [became Quaker History] LSF 1906-1922
Friends Homosexual Fellowship Newsletter [became Quaker Lesbian & Gay fellowship Newsletter] LSF 1974-1991*
Friends House Moscow Newsletter LSF 1999-
WBC 1995-
Friends in Deed : the newsletter of Quaker Social Action
[was BIA Quaker Social Action Update]
LSF 1999-
WBC 1999-
Friends Intelligencer (first Series) LSF 1838-1839
Friends Intelligencer and Journal [amalgamated with Friend (Philadelphia)] [became Friends Journal] LSF 1844-1955
WBC 1900-1901,1903-1918
Friends Journal LSF 1955-
WBC 1955-*
Friends Library LSF 1837-1850
Friends Messenger LSF 1904-1930
Friends Minister LSF 1913-1914
Friends’ Miscellany LSF 1831-1839
WBC 1831-1839
Friends Missionary Advocate [became Advocate] LSF 1901-1976
Friends Monthly Magazine LSF 1829-1831
WBC 1829-1832
Friends of Cathedral Music: Annual Reports [became Cathedral Music] HEC 1956-1996
Friends of Christ Church Cathedral Report (Oxford) [title varies] LPL 1948-*
Friends of Dr Williams’s Library – Lectures NCL 1947-
Friends of Durham Cathedral Annual Report LPL 1957-
Friends of Ely Cathedral Yearbook LPL 1969-*
Friends of Exeter Cathedral Annual Report LPL 1935-*
Friends of Gloucester Cathedral Annual Report LPL 1936-*
Friends of Hereford Cathedrol: Annual Report HEC 1932-
Friends of Lambeth Palace Library Annual Report
[became Lambeth Palace Library Annual Report]
LPL 1964-1991
Friends of Ludhiana Newsletter  London: Friends of Ludhiana CMS 1984-
Friends of Norwich Cathedral Annual Report LPL 1930-
Friends of Reunion Bulletin [Friends of Reunion] [became Reunion Record] CMS 1944-1962                                                 LPL 1934-1963                                                 UTC 1949-1954*
Friends of the Anglican Centre in Rome [became Centro : News from the Anglican Centre in Rome] LPL 1984-1993
Friends of the Church in China Newsletter
[Friends of the Church in China]
CMS 1985-1995
UTC 1987-1997*
Friends of Wells Cathedral Report LPL 1933-*
Friends of Woodbrooke Newsletter LSF 1997-1999
WBC 1992-
Friends of York Minster Annual Report LPL 1929-*
Friends Oriental News LSF 1956-1962
Friends Peace and International Relations Committee Newsletter
[became Quaker Peace and Service]
WBC 1974-1975, 1978
Friends Peace Committee Newsletter [became Friends Peace & International Relatons Committee Newsletter] LSF 1965-1978
The Friends Quarterly
[s.l.]: Friends’ Publications Ltd.
[was Friends’ Quarterly Examiner]
BLS 1947-
GLD 1947-
KCL 1977-1983*
LSF 1947-
WBC 1867-
Friends’ Quarterly Examiner
London : British Periodicals Ltd
[became The Friends Quarterly ]
BLS 1867-1910                                                   LSF 1867-1946
ULE 1867-1933
Friends Relief Service: Information Bulletin LSF 1942-1948
Friends Relief Service: Relief News LSF 1945-1948
Friends Relief Service: Service Bulletin LSF 1942-1944
Friends Relief Service: Service News LSF 1945-1947
Friends’ Review [Philadelphia] LSF 1847-1894
WBC 1848-1874
Friends Service Council Annual Report LSF 1921-1978
Friends Service Council Bulletin LSF 1946-1948
WBC 1942-1948
Friends Service Council News LSF 1953-1968
WBC 1953-1968
Friends Service Council News Bulletin LSF 1940-1945
Friends Spiritual Healing Fellowship Newsletter [became Friends Fellowship of Healing Newsletter] LSF 1944-1963
Friends Temperance & Moral Welfare Union – New Era LSF 1955-1960
Friends Temperance Quarterly LSF 1940-1955
Friends Temperance Union : Notes, News & Views LSF 1950-1956
Friends United Meeting Board on Missions: Friendly Jottings LSF 1969-1971
Friends Vegetarian Society Newsletter LSF 1957, 1988, 1992-
WBC 1996-
Friends Voice: Evangelical Friends International
[North America]
LSF 1995-
WBC 1995-
Friends Witness to Scriptural Truth LSF 1908-1942
WBC 1908-1928
Friends World Committee for Consultation see FWCC
Friends’ World News
London: Friends’ World Committee for Consultation
BLS 1973-
LSF 1939-
WBC 1949-
Friends Year Book LSF 1908, 1910-1913
Friendship LSF 1930-1953
Friendship [Taiwan Episcopal Church] CMS 1971-
Friendsville Current LSF 1935-1951
Oxford: Keston Institute
ISSN : 0951-7677
ANC 1987-1997                                           CMS 1992-
HEC 1950-1952
MOR 1989-1991*
RCL 1989-1991
RID 1958-1975
SJC 1999-
WESC 1958-1970
WSC 1958-1975*
YRE 1990-1994*
Frontier : a Christian Commentary on the Common Life
London: World Dominion Press for the Survey Application Trust and Christian Frontier Council, 1958-1976
[was Christian Newsletter and World Dominion]
ANC 1959-1972*
BBC 1958-1976                                           CMS 1958-1975
DSC 1958-1975*
HEC 1958-1976*
ICC 1961-1963*
KCL 1958-1976*
LSF 1950-1952
LST 1958-1976
LPL 1958-1975
NCL 1939-1975
NTC 1962-1975
QCL 1958-1974
RCC 1950-1976
RCL 1959-1973*
SPC 1958-1969
WCB 1950-1952,1958-
WSC 1950-1952
Frontier: religion and communism, religion East and West WSC 1989-1991
Frontier Youth Trust News ANC 1980-
Frontiers [Lutheran Student Association of America] NCL 1959-1961*
RHL 1996-
Frontiers: evangelical perspectives on faith and society UTC 1996-2000*
Frontline [Arab World Ministries] CMS current year
Fruit of the Vine LSF 1982-1983
La Frusta Letteraria di Aristarco Scannabue DWL 1763-1765
Fuller Focus UTC 1995-2006*
The Furrow
Maynooth: Furrow Trust, 1950-
CCL 1950-
GCL 1951-
HEY 1961-*
JES 1950-
KCL 1972-1975*
MIL 1950-1988
MVI 1960-
NCL 1959-
NMC 1981-
SAC 1985-1987*
SUL 1963-1992*                                             UTC 1958-1993*, 1998-2001*
FutureFirst Tonbridge:Brierley Consultancy LKH 2011-
Future Juba, Sudan: Ministry of Education CMS 1957-1964*
FWBO Newsletter London: Friends of the Western Buddhist Order BLS 1973-1985
FWCC Africa Section – Friends in Africa WBC 1973-1991
FWCC Africa Section Newsletter LSF 1972-1991*
FWCC Americas Section Directory of Meetings LSF 1956-
FWCC Americas Section Newsletter LSF 1986-
FWCC Americas Section Right Sharing News LSF 1986-1997*
FWCC Annual Report LSF 1952-
FWCC Asia-West Pacific Section Newsletter LSF 1986-
WBC 1985-
FWCC Calendar of Yearly Meetings LSF 1939-
FWCC Round the World Quaker Letters LSF 1949-1964
FWCC Section of the Americas Newsletter WBC 1985-

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