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Title Holdings
Waarheid in Liefde NCL 1843
WACC Journal London: World Association for Christian Communication PHL 1970-1979*
W.A.D.E.S. Herald : journal of the Western Alcohol and Drugs Education Society
[was Western Temperance Herald]
BBC current issue
WCB 1992-1995
Wajibu Kenya: Wajibu Magazine PHL 1985-1993*
The Waldensian Review UTC 1971-1976*, 1996-1997*, 2002-2004*, 2007*
Walsingham Review PHL 1959
The War Cry London: Salvation Army GLD last 2 years
WBM 1886-*
Warden’s Annual Letter and Report : John Wesley ‘s Chapel (John Wesley’s Chapel, Bristol)
[was Warden’s Bulletin : John Wesley’s Chapel] [became Warden’s Letter : John Wesley’s Chapel (“The New Room”)]
JWC 1962-1969
Warden’s Bulletin : John Wesley ‘s Chapel (John Wesley’s Chapel, Bristol)
[became Warden’s Annual Letter and Report]
JWC 1955-56,1958,1960-61
Warden’s Letter : John Wesley ‘s Chapel (“The New Room”) [was Warden’s Annual Letter and Report, John Wesley’s Chapel] JWC 1972-
Wardens’ Link [became Wardenship Matters] LSF 1982-1996
WBC 1982-1996
Wardenship Matters LSF 1997-
WBC 1997-
Warwick University : Recent Philosophy Papers Received NCL 1978-1981*
Watching and Waiting Chelmsford: Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony BLS 1950-2011*
RHL 1971-1973*
UTC 1986-2005*
Watchman LSF 1904-1907
Watchman [Diocese of Johannesburg] PHL 1981-*
Watchman: a weekly journal of news, politics, religion and literature
[became Watchman and Wesleyan Advertiser]
JWC 1835-1848
WCB 1835-1848
Watchman and Wesleyan Advertiser
London: The Watchman Office, 1849-1884
[was Watchman]
JWC 1849-1879
The Watchman’s Lantern
London: Wesleyan Methodist Association, 1834-1835
JWC 1834-1835
WCB 1834-1835
London: Watchtower Bible & Tract Society
ANC 1983-1986
[The Central Church Defence Committee]
NCL 1842-1843*
RHL 1866-1873
Watchword [a Magazine for the Defence of Bible Truth] NCL 1867-1873
Watchword Winchester: Society of Watchers and Workers, 1880-1972 LPL 1880-1972*
Waterlines PHL 1982-1993
Wavelength NTC 1993-
The Way : a review of contemporary Christian spirituality
London: The Way Publications
CCL 1961-
GCL 1961-
HEY 1961-
JES 1961-
KCL 1995
LST 1991-
LKH 1995-
LTI 1989-
MIL 1961-
MVI 1961-1971
NCL 1961-
OHC 1988-2003
RCC 1965-68*,1987-88*
SAC 1961-*
SJC 1986-2005
SPC 1986-                          SSH 1961-
STE 1961-1972, 1982-
UTC 1961-2001*
WCL 1990-
WSC 1970-
Way: occasional new-letter  (Friends House London ) LSF 1944-1948
Way of Holiness NTC 1909-1928
Way of Holiness (The Way) NTC 1951-1954
Way of Life [Guild of Health] PHL current year
The Way Supplement
London: The Way Publications
CCL 1965-
HEY 1965-
MVI 1966-1974, 1985
RCC 1985-
SAC 1966-*
SJC 1985-
UTC 1966-1971*, 1985-2001*
Wayfarer [became Quaker Monthly] LSF 1922-1964
WBC 1957-1964
Waymarks: religious & literary journal in unity with the testimony of early Quakers LSF 1902-1903
WBC 1902-1903
WCC Publications see also under Title of Periodical
WCC News
Geneva: WCC Publications
LKH Current year
PHL 1999-
WCC Newsletter NCL 1966-1971
WCC Youth
Geneva: World Council of Churches
BLS 1984-1991
NCL 1980-
WCFBA Bulletin Stuttgart: World Catholic Federation for the Biblical Apostolate
[became Catholic Biblical Federation Bulletin]
No holdings known
Weavings : “Woven together in love” : a journal of the Christian spiritual life
Nashville: Upper Room
SAC 1986, 1988-2000*
The Weekly Christian Teacher
Glasgow: A.Fullarton, 1837-1840
NCL 1837-1840
Weekly Orthodox Journal of Entertaining Christian Knowledge
London: W.E.Andrews
CCL 1833-1834
HEY 1832-1835
The Weekly pacquet of advice from Rome: or, The History of popery
London : printed for C. L., 1678-
CLM 1678-1680
The Weekly Register in which are united Dolman’s magazine and the Weekly and Monthly Orthodox London: T. Booker HEY 1849-1850*
Wege zum Menschen Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1953- ISSN: 0043-2040 NCL 1953-*
Weiner Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes NCL 1891-1893
Weisse Feder LSF 1932-1940
Welsprings ICC 1995-1997
Welsh Church Life Penarth: Church in Wales SJC 1999-2002
Die Welt des Islams
Leiden: Brill
LST 1995-1998
UBL 1997-
Weltkirche: Documents from Africa, Asia & Latin America JES 1993*-1999
Wesley Banner and Christian Family Visitor (New Series)
London: W.B.King, 1853-1854
[was Wesleyan Banner and Revival Record]
JWC 1853-1854
Wesley Banner and Revival Record
London: W.B.King, etc., 1849-1852
[became Wesley Banner and Christian Family Visitor (New Series)]
JWC 1849-1852
WCB 1849-1852
Wesley Historical Society LKH 1991-2005*
Wesley Historical Society. Proceedings RPC 1921-*
SUL 1929-
Wesleyan Association Magazine [became Wesleyan Methodist Association Magazine] WCB 1938-1940
The Wesleyan Juvenile Offering London: Sold at the Wesleyan Mission House, 1844-1878 JWC 1868*,1871,1887*
Wesleyan Methodist Association Magazine
[was Wesleyan Association Magazine]
JWC 1845-1850,1853
WCB 1841-1855
Wesleyan Methodist Conference Agenda: Representative Session
[became Methodist Church Conference Agenda…Representative Session]
JWC 1932
Wesleyan Methodist Connexional Record and Year Book WCB 1874-1875, 1878
Wesleyan Methodist Itinerary [became Hall’s Circuits and Ministers] JWC 1873
Wesleyan Methodist Magazine
[was Methodist Magazine 1798-1821]
[became Magazine of Wesleyan Methodists]
[became Methodist Magazine 1927-1970]
DWL 1822-1913*
JWC 1822-1912*
LPL 1822-1893
NCL 1822-1843
QCL 1822-1894
WCB 1822-1899, 1905-1906
WES 1822-1893
WESC 1822-1904*
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School Magazine JWC 1885
Wesleyan Preacher London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1831-1839 WCB 1831-1838
The Wesleyan Pulpit London: Partridge, Oakey & Co., 1854-1856 JWC 1855
The Wesleyan Reformer London: John Kaye & Co., 1851-1852 JWC 1851
Wesleyan Sunday School Magazine and Teachers’ Assistant WCB 1862
Wesleyan Theological Journal
Wilmore, KY: Wesleyan Theological Society
LKH 1996-
NTC 1966-
WCB 1966-
Wesleyan Times WCB 1849-1866*
Wesleyan Tract Reporter (New Series) London: J.Mason JWC 1845-1847
Wesleyan Tracts for the Times London: J.Mason JWC 1842*
Wesleyan Vindicator and Constitutional Methodist
London: J.Mason, 1850-185u
JWC 1850-1852*
QCL 1850-1852
WCB 1850-1851
Wesley’s Chapel City Road London Quarterly Magazine [was City Road Magazine] JWC 1931-1941, 1946-*
West Africa London: West Africa Publishing Co. Ltd. PHL current year
West African Religion Dept. of Religion, University of Nigeria, Nsukka PHL 1972-1979*
West China Missionary News Szechwan, China: West China Missionary News Publications PHL 1917,1926-1937,1941*
West Pakistan News Karachi: NZCMS [was Sind Newsletter] PHL 1966-1972
Western Equatorial Africa [Nigeria Diocesan Association] PHL 1957-1965*
Western Equatorial Africa Magazine PHL 1904-1956
Western Temperance Herald
[Bristol] [became W.A.D.E.S. Herald: Journal of the Western Alcohol and Drugs Education Society]
WCB 1978-1991*
Western Work: the news publication of Western Yearly Meeting LSF 1977-*
The Westminster Conference
London: The Westminster Conference
ICC 1971-1991*
MOR 1974-1997
The Westminster Gazette London: W.Andrews HEY 1866-1871
Westminster Record
London: Westminster Chapel
ICC 1957-1969*, 1992-1995*
NCL 1906-1907
NTC 1947-1982,1991-1995
RHL 1962-1970*
Westminster Review CLM 1824-1866
DWL 1824-1914
NCL 1824-1905*
Westminster Theological Journal
Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Theological Seminary
ISSN: 0043-4388
ANC 1966-*
HEY 1949-1953*
ICC 1957-1994*
LST 1980-
MOR 1971-*
NCL 1956-1959
NTC 1963-1991*
OHC 1956-*
RHL 1938-*
SPC 1938-1967*
UTC 1938*, 1959*, 1963-1969*, 1972-1973*, 1978-1981*, 1982-1992, 1998-
WES 1949-
WYC 1982-
Westminster Watch London: Evangelical Alliance
[became Westminster Watch Digest]
LST 1993-1999
UTC 1993-1998*
Westminster Watch Digest London: Evangelical Alliance [was Westminster Watch ] LST 1999-
UTC 1998-2000*
Wherever [A joint publication of TEAM, Frontiers, International Missions, OMF and AWM] RCL 1993-1998*
Whispers [Susurros] LSF 1977-1994
WBC 1977-
White Fathers, White Sisters Sutton Coldfield: White Fathers and White Sisters PHL previous 2 years
White Ribbon Birmingham: National British Women’s Total Abstinence Union BLS 1970-1995
Whitefield Briefings
Oxford: Whitefield Institute, 1996-2005
[became Ethics in Brief ]
ANC 1996-2005
BBC 1996-2005
ICC 2001-2005
LST 1996-2005
OHC 1996-2005
SJC 1997-2005
SPC 1996-2005
Who’s Who in Methodism London: Methodist Times & Leader, 1933 JWC 1933
Who’s Who in the Free Churches London: Shaw Pub., 1951- JWC 1951
Crowborough, E. Sussex: Monarch Magazines, 1998-
[was Healing and Wholeness]
ANC 1998-
RCL 1998-
WSC 1998-2001*
Wider Fellowship of Conservative Friends Newsletter LSF 1993-1995
Wider Look
[WEC] [ceased publication]
ANC 1981-1984
Wider Quaker Fellowship Newsletter LSF 1990-
Wider World
Belfast: Presbyterian Church in Ireland, 1988-
PHL current year
UTC 1988-1997*, 1998-
Widows’ Fund RPC 1908-1959
Wiener Zeitschrift für Kunde des Morgenlandes Turin, etc.: A.Holder HEY 1891
Wildfire [Wildfire Community] PHL 1990-1993
William Temple Foundation Bulletin
Manchester: William Temple Foundation, Manchester Business School, 1975-
NCL 1980-1987*
Willochran [Diocese of Willochra, Australia] PHL current year
Willy and Penn (Europe and Middle East Young Friends Newsletter) LSF 1993-
WBC 1995-
Wilmington Friend LSF 1962-
Wilsonian [Journal of Wilson College, Bombay] NCL 1947-1950*
Winchester Churchman [Diocese of Winchester] PHL 1976-1985
Window: newsletter of the Anglican-Lutheran Society WSC 1995-2005
Windows LKH 2000-
Windows East and West LSF 1990-1991
WBC 1981-
Wiseman Review see Dublin Review
Wissenschaft und Praxis in Kirche und Gesellschaft
Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1970-1980
ISSN: 0031-2827
NCL 1970-1980
Within our Gates Birmingham: Spurgeon’s Homes No holdings known
Witness NCL 1840-1964
RHL 1970-71*,1975*,1978*
Witness for Truth LSF 1886-1887
Woman Alive
West Sussex: Herald House, 19uu-
MOR 1990-1998*
OHC 1997-
Women in Judaism Electronic Journal
Women in Theology LKH 1993-2000
WCB 1991-*
Women’s Missionary Magazine [United Free Church of Scotland] NCL 1902-1919*
Woman’s Work UTC 1899, 1973, 1977*, 1980*, 1983-1987*
Wonderlands RPC 1921-1974
Woodbrooke Chronicle  [became Woodbrooke International Journal] LSF 1914-1920
Woodbrooke International Journal [became Journal of Woodbrooke College] LSF 1921-1990
Woodbrooke Journal
[was Journal of Woodbrooke College 1992-1996]
[was Woodbrooke International Journal 1921-1990]
[was Woodbrooke Chronicle 1915-1920]
[was Old Woodbrookers Magazine 1906-1912]
LSF 1997-
WBC 1997-
Woodbrooke News LSF 1993-
WBC 1997-
Woodstock Letters
Woodstock, MD: Woodstock College
CCL 1948-1969*
HEY 1872-89*,1895-1969*
Worcesteshire Recusant
Worcester: Worcestershire Catholic History Society
BLS 1963-1989
CCL 1963-
DAB 1963-1980
Word and Deed : a journal of Salvation Army theology and ministry Lampeter: Mellen, 1998-
Word and Music NTC 1984-1985
Word and Spirit : a monastic review
Still River, MA: St. Bedes Publications
GCL 1979-1988
HEY 1979-1996*
Word and Work RPC 1879
Word and Worship [NBCLC] ICC 1975-1977
MVI 1995-
Word Event Stuttgart: World Catholic Federation for the Biblical Apostolate No holdings known
Word in Action
Swindon: Bible Society
LKH Current year
PHL Current year
Word in Life Sydney: Australian Catholic University
[became Journal of Religious Education]
Words for Life Wycliffe Bible Translators PHL current year only
Work for Justice [Transformation Resource Centre, Maseru, Lesotho] PHL 1989-
Workers at Home and Abroad [became Wayfarer] LSF 1913-1921
Working Notes: Jesuit Centre for Faith & Justice: Unemployment Project JES 2002-
Working with Young Men SJC 2002-2006
World Alliance of Reformed Churches – Bulletin NCL 1963-1970
World Christian : today’s mission magazine
Pasadena, Calif.: Today’s Mission Inc., 1983-1995
ISSN: 0743-2399
ANC 1983-1994*
UTC 1986-1994*
World Christian Digest
Lynton: Pathfinder Press, 1946-1971
NCL 1946-1960*
RCL 1946-1950
World Christian Education
Geneva: WCC Office of Education
NCL 1960-1972*
PHL 1962-1972
World Dominion
London: World Dominion Press, 1923-1939,1954-1957
[became Frontier]
ANC 1934-1939,1955-1957*
PHL 1923-1957
UTC 1935-1941*
World Dominion and the World Today London: World Dominion Press, 1940-1954? NCL 1928-1956*
World Evangelization Nesoddtangen, Norway: Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization ANC 1981-*
ICC 1994-1997
LST 1977-1993
NTC 1981-1990*
UTC 1981-1989*
World Faiths: journal of the World Congress of Faiths
London: World Congress of Faiths, 1961-1980
[became World Faiths Insight]
BLS 1961-1980
KCL 1962-1981*
SAC 1975-1980
World Faiths Encounter
Oxford: World Congress of Faiths
ISSN : 0968-7718
[was World Faiths Insight]
[became Interreligious Insight]
NMC 1996-2003
OHC 1993-2000*
PHL 1992-2003*
QCL 1992-2003
RCC 1993-2003
SAC 1992-2003*
SPC 1992-1993
STE 1991-2001
TCL 1992-2003
UTC 1992-1998
WCB 1996-2003
YRE 1992-2003*
World Faiths Insight
London: World Congress of Faiths
[became World Faiths Encounter]
BLS 1980-1984
PHL 1980-1991*
QCL 1984-1991
SAC 1980-1991
UTC 1988-1991*
WCB 1980-1991*
WCL 1993-
YRE 1982-1991
World Health Geneva: World Health Organisation PHL current year
World Issues [Friends Peace & International Relations Committee] LSF 1966-1975
WBC 1966-1975
World Methodist Conference
Nashville: Methodist Publishing House, 1956-
[was Ecumenical Methodist Conference]
JWC 1956, 1976
World Mission NTC 1974-
World Mission
Didcot: BMS World Mission
[was Missionary Herald]
ICC 2001-
PHL previous 3 years
World Mission News [ECUSA] PHL 1980-1988
World Outlook (Supplement to The Friend) LSF 1924-1930
World Outlook: the quarterly magazine for men [Baptist Men’s Movement] BBC 1966-1967
LKH 1990-1998
RPC 1923-2009
World Parish
Lake Junaluska, N.C.: World Methodist Council, 1948-
ISSN: 0043-8839
WCB 1955-62*,1976-1982*
World Prayer News [Global Connections] RCL 1991-*
The World Problem Rome: Vatican Polyglot Press HEY 1938-1939
World Pulse
Wheaton, IL: Evangelical Missions Information Service
[was Asia Pulse 1970-1983]
ANC 1984-
LST 1998-
MOR 1995-
RCL 1985-*
SJC 1999-2000
World Religions in Education
Chichester: Shap Working Party on World Religions in Education
BLS 1986-
PHL 1982-1998
YRE 1987-
World Today : Chatham House review
London: Royal Institute of International Affairs
ANC 1965-
HEY 1962-1964
World Trade Issues: bulletin on trade issues from Quaker Peace & Service LSF 1996-1998
World Vision NTC 1993
World Yearbook of Religion SUL 1969-1970
Minnesota: Order of St. Benedict
ISSN: 0043-941x
[was Orate Fratres]
BBC 2001-
CCL 1956-1997
DAB 1978-1993
HEY 1951-*
ICC 1972-1990
JES 1926-
LKH 1995-
MIL 1964-
NCL 1961-*
NMC 1969-
NTC 1997-
QCL 1990-
RCC 1978-*
RHL 1973-1977*
RIL 1973-1991
SAC 1964-67, 1982-*
SJC 1986-1991,1996-2012     SSH 1981-
WCB 1986-
WSC 1997-
WYC 2000-
Worship and Liturgy QCL 1995-
WCB 1995-
Worship and Preaching
Peterborough: Methodist Publishing House
[was Preacher’s Quarterly]
[became Roots]
LKH 1973-2002*
LTI 1990-1996
WCB 1970-2002*
WCL 1970-
WESC 1971-2001
Worship Live LKH 2004-
Worship Together
Eastbourne: Kingsway Communications, 1996-2003
[was Deo]
LST 1996-2003
MOR 2000-2003*
NTC 1996-2003
OHC 1996-2003
SPC 1998-2003
Wort und Wahrheit: Monatsschrift für Religion und Kultur Freiburg: Herder HEY 1956-1959*
Wren Society DWL 1924-1943
WSCF Books Geneva: World Student Christian Federation, 1971-1973 NCL 1971-1973
WSCF Dossiers Geneva: World Student Christian Federation, 1971-19uu NCL 1971-1977
WSCF Newsletter Geneva: World Student Christian Federation, 1970-uuuu NCL 1970-1975*
WSCF Reports Geneva: World Student Christian Federation NCL 1976
WWW World Wide Worship SJC 2000-

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