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Galle Face Colombo, Sri Lanka: Christ Church
CMS 1935-1973*
Gambia Guinea Newsletter [Gambia and Guinea Diocesan Association]
CMS 1980-
Gateway London: Church of England Children’s Society
BLS 1972-1993
Gay Christian
WCB 1979-1987*
Gazelle Review [Gazelle Review of Literature on the Middle East]
CMS 1976-1985
Geist und Leben : Zeitschrift für christliche Spiritualität Würzburg: Echter Verlag, 1926-
HEY 1926-*
JES 1964-
Genaealogists’ Magazine
CLM 1925-
DWL 1948
LPL 1925-*
General Baptist Advocate
DWL 1831-1836
RPC 1834-1835
General Baptist Almanack and Directory RPC 1877-1891
General Baptist Assembly, occ papers RPC 1991-2006
General Baptist Assembly Proceedings RPC 1865-1907
General Baptist Association RPC 1835-2000
General Baptist Magazine
DWL 1798-1884*
NCL 1854-1890*
RPC 1798-1891
General Baptist Magazine and Missionary Observer
BBC 1854, 1861
DWL 1861-1862 SPC 1854-1881*
General Baptist Magazine, Repository, and Missionary Observer
BBC 1848, 1850
DWL 1854-1859*
General Baptist Messenger
DWL Vol. 2(1), 4(1), 5(1)
General Baptist Repository
DWL 1802-1821
NCL 1802-1853*
RPC 1822-1853
SPC 1839-1843
General Baptist Repository and Missionary Observer
SPC 1837-1853*
General Baptist Yearbook RPC 1871-1890
General Convention of Protestant Episcopal Church USA – Journal
LPL 1785-
General Council Tidings
NTC 1958-1979*
General Synod Agenda London: Church Information Office
BLS current year
General Synod Digest
Norwich: Chansiter Publications
LPL 1985-
QCL 1988-2010
SJC 1985-2012
General Synod Papers London: Church Information Office
BLS 1970-
General Synod of the Church of England Report of Proceedings
London: Church Information Office
[was Chronicle of Convocation]
BLS 1970-
HEC 1970-*
LKH 1985-1995
OHC 1973-1985*
SJC 1970-
General Synod Review
OHC 1971-1987*
Geneva Reporter: Quaker United Nations Office [Geneva]
WBC 1969-
George Diocesan Leaflet [Diocese of George (CPSA)] [became Diocesan News]
CMS 1981-1996
Ghana Bulletin of Theology Legon: Ghana Bulletin of Theology
ULE 1966-1975
Gibraltar and Fulham Diocesan Gazette [became Gibraltar in Europe Diocesan Gazette]
LPL 1971-
Gibraltar Diocesan Gazette [became Gibraltar in Europe Gazette]
LPL 1912-1970*
Gibraltar in Europe Diocesan Gazette
[Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe]
[was Gibraltar and Fulham Diocesan Gazette]
[became European Anglican]
CMS 1980-1987
LPL 1980-1994
Gilcomston South Congregational Record
RHL 1952-
Giornale de Letterati per Tutto L’Anno
DWL 1686-90
Giornale Storico degli Archivi Toscani Firenze: Soprintendenza Generale agli Archivi Toscani
HEY 1857-1863
Gippsland Anglican [Diocese of Gippland, Australia]
CMS current year
Glasgow and Galloway Diocesan Gazette
NCL 1904-1905
Glasgow Ecclesiological Society – Transactions
NCL 1894
Glasgow University Oriental Society Transactions
NCL 1901-1976
The Glass
UTC 1990-1997*
Glaube und Lernen Göttingen: Van Den Hoek & Ruprecht, 1986-
KCL 1986-1989
Colombo, Sri Lanka: Ecumenical Institute for Study and Dialogue
ANC 1982-1989
CMS 1982-1996
Gleanings for the Young London: British and Foreign Bible Society
ULE 1888
Global Advocates Bulletin [United Church Board for World Ministries, USA]
CMS 1986-1987
Global Church Growth
Indiana, USA: Church Growth Centre
[was Church Growth Bulletin]
[became Strategies for Today’s leader]
ANC 1980-1994
CMS 1983-1989
MOR 1980-1988*
NTC 1978-1995
Global Connections
[Evangelical Missionary Alliance]
CMS 1997-
WES 1997-
UTC 2001-2004*
Global Express London & Manchester: Panos Institute / Development Education Project
YRE 1997-
Global Future
Monrovia, Calif.: World Vision
CMS Current year only
SJC 2000-2009
Global Report [World Evangelical Fellowship]
ANC 1975-1982*
GMCVO Information Bulletin
LKH 2004
GMCVO Journal
LKH Current year
Go [Interserve]
CMS Current year
Going Places London: Intercontinental Church Society [was Intercon]
BLS 1994-1996
Good Hope [Diocese of Cape Town]
CMS 1981-
Good News [General Synod: Board of Mission]
CMS 1997-
LKH 1996-
NCL 1860-1874*
SJC 2001-
Good News Unlimited
UTC 1989*, 1992-2001*
Good Templar Watchword [s.l.]: International Order of Good Templars
BLS 1972-1997
Good Words
WCB 1892-1894
Goodnews (Catholic Charismatic Renewal)
CCL 1982-
Goodwill: a journal of international friendship
BBC 1915-1919
LSF 1915-1939
NCL 1930-1938*
Gospel Advocate
DWL 1833-1836
RPC 1864-1872
Gospel Ambassador RPC 1842-1845
Gospel and Culture
Birmingham: Selly Oak Colleges
[was Gospel and Our Culture Newsletters]
[became Leading Light]
ANC 1993-1995
CMS 1993-1996
SJC 1993-1994
The Gospel and Our Culture
Holland, MI: Western Theological Seminary, 1987-

RID 1989-
SPC 1992-1994,1999-*

Gospel and Our Culture Newsletters
Birmingham: Selly Oak Colleges, 1989-1992     [became Gospel and Culture]
ANC 1989-1992
CMS 1989-1992
SJC 1989-1992
Gospel and Our Culture Network Newsletter
Swindon: Bible Society
CMS 1999-
WSC 2000-*
Gospel Banner RPC 1881-1916
Gospel Bells
GLD 1966-1991
Gospel Communicator (or Philanthropist’s Journal)
NCL 1824-1825*
The Gospel Herald : or, poor Christian’s magazine Ipswich: Gospel Herald
RPC 1833-1970
ULE 1835-1836
Gospel Herald and Universalist Review
DWL 1829-1830
Gospel in Context : a dialogue in contextualization [
ceased publication]
ANC 1978-1979
LST 1978-1979
WCB 1978-1979*
Gospel Luminary
DWL 1830-32
The Gospel Magazine
Gospel Magazine Trust, 1766-
DWL 1767-1773* N.S. 1774-1779*
NCL 1771-1772
OHC 1978-*
RHL 1981-1987*
RPC 1871-1976
UTC 1996-2001*
WES 1968-
Gospel Magazine (or Treasury of Divine Knowledge)
NCL 1774-1780*
The Gospel Magazine and Protestant Beacon London : W.H. Collingridge
ULE 1866
Gospel Magazine and Theological Review
NCL 1796-1807
WCB 1826-1827
The Gospel Missionary [Society for the Propogation of the Gospel]
CMS 1851-1902*
Gospel Pulpit RPC 1898-1899
Gospel Standard
London: R. Groombridge
RPC 1835-1989
SPC 1840-1882*
WES 1971-1976, 1985-1994*
Gospel Tidings
RPC 1965-1991
WES 1967-1987
Gospel Truths RPC 1872-1874
Gospel Witness and Protestant Advocate RPC 1944-1954
Gottingen. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. Mitteilungen des Septuaginta-Unternehmens
DWL 1910-1932
GPA Irish Arts Review Yearbook JES 1988-1991
Grace and Truth: a journal of Catholic reflection for southern Africa
Cedara: St.Joseph’s Theological Institute
HEY 2003-
Grace and Truth for Old and Young London: W.B.Horner
ULE 1885-1888
Grace Cup [Central Synod of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & the Middle East]
CMS 1979-1983
Grace Theological Journal
Winona Lake, IN: Grace Theological Seminary
[ceased publication]
ICC 1990-1991
RCL 1980-1989
RHL 1983-1991
Graham Street Quarterly London: Church of St. Mary the Virgin
LPL 1946-1968*
Grape Vine [Anglican Mission Institute, Church of the Province of Southern Africa]
CMS 1991-1993
Grass Curtain London: Southern Sudan Association
CMS 1970-1972
Poole, Dorset: Post Green Community Trust Ltd.
[became Christian 1987]
ANC 1985-1986
CMS 1982-1986
ICC 1982-1986*
MOR 1983-1986
SPC 1982-1986
WCB 1986*
Grazer philosophische Studien: internationale Zeitschrift für analytische Philosophie
Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1975-
SUL 1983-
ULE 1975-1981
Greece and Rome
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1931-
ISSN: 00173835
KCL 1948-
ULE 1931-
Greek Orthodox Theological Review
JES 1968-
NCL 1954-1968*
RCL 1964*
WCL 1993-1994
Green Christians
London: Christian Ecology Link
ANC 1990-
LST 1995-
Green Pastures
RHL 1937
Green Quarterly : the Anglo-Catholic magazine
LPL 1924-1934*
PHL 1924-1937
SSH 1928-1937
Greeting [Diocese of Grahamstown]
CMS 1981-
Greetings [Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf]
CMS 1981-1987
Roma: Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, 1920-
CCL 1946-1989
DAB 1962-
GCL 1957-1960, 1980-1994
HEY 1920-*
ICC 1973-1992
JES 1920*-
KCL 1962-1996
NCL 1962-
PHL 1920-
Greyfriars Review St.Bonaventure NY: Franciscan Institute, St.Bonaventure University
HEY 2002-
Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller der ersten 300 Jahr. [Leipzig]
DSC 1899-1965
Group Analysis : the journal of group analytic psychotherapy London: Sage Publications for the Group-Analytic Society (London)
HEY 1975-1992*, 1993-
Grove Biblical Studies Cambridge: Grove Books
No holdings known
Grove Ethical Studies
Cambridge: Grove Books, 1973-2000
[became Grove Ethics Series]
STE 1973-2000*
WCL 1979-2000
Grove Ethics Series
Cambridge: Grove Books, 2000-
[was Grove Ethical Studies]
STE 2000-*
WCL 2000-
Grove Evangelism Series Cambridge: Grove Books
No holdings known
Grove Joint Liturgical Studies Series
Cambridge: Grove Books/Alcuin Club
[was Grove Liturgical Studies Series]
HEC 1987-
STE 1987-1991
Grove Liturgical Studies Series Nottingham: Grove Books [became Grove Joint Liturgical Studies Series]
STE 1976-1987
Grove Pastoral Studies Series Cambridge: Grove Books
STE 1980-1991*, 2001-
Grove Renewal Series Cambridge: Grove Books, 2000-
No holdings known
Grove Spirituality Series Cambridge: Grove Books
STE 1982-1991*
Grove Worship Series Cambridge: Grove Books
[was Grove Worship and Ministry Series]
STE 1980-*
NTC 1992-
Guardian London, 1846-1951
LPL 1846-1951
Guardian : a Christian journal of public affairs Madras, India
cms 1956-1986*
Guardian of Education (conducted by Mrs Trimmer)
NCL 1802-1805
The Guide
UTC 1978-1998*
Guide to Catholic Literature [Haverford, PA]
CCL 1888-1963
Guide to Religious Periodical Literature
Birmingham: Birmingham Public Libraries, Philosophy and Religion Dept. Old Series
KCL 1978 only
New Series [ceased publication 1989]
KCL 1987-1989*
OHC 1986-1989
Guild of Friends in Education Annual Newsletter
LSF 1984-1992*
Guild of Pastoral Psychology London: Guild of Pastoral Psychology
SAC No.267-
Guild of Pastoral Theology – Guild Lectures
No holdings known
Guildhall Miscellany London: Corporation of London
DWL 1952-1968
Guyana Diocesan Magazine and Gazette [Diocese of Guyana, Church in the Province of the West Indies]
CMS 1981-1986

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