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Title Holdings
Q – News International Wembley: Q-News International
LST 1996-
QAADRANT: Quaker Action on Alcohol & Drugs
LSF 1990-
WBC 1995-
QPS Reporter
[was Quaker Peace & Service]
LSF 1984-1991
WBC 1984-1991
London: Christian Research Association
[was LandMARC]
ANC 1993-
BFB 2 years
MOR 1993-*
NTC 1995-1998
RCL 1996-*
Quaerens : journal of theology and pastoral life Quezon City, Philippines : Philippine Vicariate of the Order of Augustinian Recollects., 1977-
HEY 1997-*
JES 1997-
Der Quaker [Germany]
LSF 1932-
WBC 1946-
Quaker: a fortnightly journal
LSF 1920-1922
Quaker Acres
WBC 1983-1988
Quaker Action: among Friends of the Five Years Meeting
LSF 1953-1960
Quaker Action for Peace & Service [QUAPS]
LSF 1979-1983
WBC 1979
Quaker at Home and Abroad [became Wayfarer]
LSF 1911-1912
Quaker Christian
LSF 1995-1997
WBC 1997-
Quaker Committee on Jails & Justice Newsletter [Canada]
LSF 1976-*
WBC 1996-
Quaker Concern [Canadian FSC]
LSF 1979-*
WBC 1981-
Quaker Concern for Animals Newsletter
LSF 1978-
WBC 1979-
Quaker Connections
LSF 1994-
WBC 1994-
Quaker Council for European Affairs: Occasional Papers
WBC 1997-
Quaker Council for European Affairs: Short reports
WBC 1999-
Quaker Educational Graffiti
LSF 1977-1991
Quaker Ethics and Genetics Network Newsletter
LSF 1996-
Quaker Fellowship of the Arts Newsletter [became Foxtrot]
LSF 1954/5; 1972-1987
Quaker Forum Journal
LSF 1998-2002
WBC 1998-
Quaker Green Concern. Newsletter  [became Earthquaker]
LSF 1988-1992
Quaker Hilfe Mittielungen
LSF 1963-
Quaker History
[was Friends Historical Society of Philadelphia 1906-1923]
[was Friends Historical Association Bulletin 1924-1961]
LSF 1952-
WBC 1962-
Quaker Homeless Action Newsletter
LSF 1992-2000
WBC 1995-
Quaker Information Network
LSF 1985-1991
WBC 1985-1991
Quaker Information Press
LSF 1980-1982
Quaker Lesbian and Gay Fellowship Newsletter
LSF 1992-
WBC 1979-
Quaker Life
LSF 1960-
WBC 1960-
Quaker Link
LSF 1970-
Quaker Lives
LSF 1997-
WBC 1997-
Quaker Medical Society News Sheet
LSF 1930-1940
Quaker Meetings
LSF 2003-
Quaker Monthly
London: Quaker Home Service
[was The Wayfarer 1957-1964]
BLS 1973-2003
GLD last 2 years
LSF 1964-
WBC 1965-
Quaker Network for Economic Change. Newsletter
LSF 1993-
Quaker News
London: Quaker Communications Dept.
BLS 1994-
LSF 1991-
PHL current year
WBC 1991-
Quaker Notes and Queries
LSF 1896
Quaker Peace & Service
[was Quaker Service-Friends Service Council]
[became QPS Reporter]
LSF 1979-1983
WBC 1979-1983
Quaker Peace & Service Annual Report
LSF 1979-1989
Quaker Peace and Service Journal Letters
LSF 2003-
WBC 1997-
Quaker Peace & Service: Prisoners beFriending Scheme
LSF 1985-1993
Quaker Peace & Service: Sharing World Resources Newsletter
LSF 1989-1992
Quaker Projects
LSF 1992-
WBC 1997-
Quaker Queries
LSF 1986-1993
Quaker Quill  (Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting newsletter)
LSF 1987-
Quaker Religious Thought
LSF 1959-
WBC 1959-
Quaker Renewal Newsletter
LSF 1971-1989
WBC 1972-1989
Quaker Service
London: Friends’ Service Council
[became Quaker Peace & Service 1978]
BLS 1974-1978
LSF 1968-1978
WBC 1968-1978
Quaker Social Action Annual Report
LSF 1998-
Quaker Social Responsibility and Education Annual Report
LSF 1978-1988
Quaker Social Responsibility and Education Bulletin
LSF 1979-1992
Quaker Social Responsibility and Education Journal [London]
LSF 1979-1990
WBC 1979-1993
YRE 1985-1990*
Quaker Socialist
LSF 1987-
WBC 1980-
Quaker Socialist Society Newsletter [became Quaker Socialist]
LSF 1975-1984
Quaker Studies
LSF 1995-
WBC 1995-
Quaker Studies Research Association Newsletter
LSF 1994-
WBC 1994-
Quaker Studies Research Association Research Register
LSF 1993-
WBC 1996-
Quaker Tapestry Newsletter
LSF 1984-
WBC 1996-
Quaker Theological News Notes
LSF 1960-1964
Quaker Theology Seminar
WBC 1994-
Quaker Universalist Group Newsletter [became Universalist Friends]
LSF 1983-1986
Quaker Voluntary Action: Volunteer Projects
WBC 1999-
Quaker Women’s Group Newsletter
LSF 1979-
WBC 1979-
Quaker World Service (first series)
LSF 1927-1934
Quaker World Service
LSF 1948-1952
WBC 1948-1952
LSF 1894-1896
WBC 1894-1896
Quakeriana Notes
LSF 1933-1942
Quakers and Race
LSF 1990-
WBC 1990-
Quakers and Unemployment (QUE) Newsletter
LSF 1987-1989
WBC 1987-1989
Quakers in Criminal Justice Newsletter
LSF 1994-
WBC 1984-
Quakers Uniting in Publication Newsletter
LSF 1985-
WBC 1985-
Quarterly Christian Magazine
NCL 1832-1837
RPC 1833-1835
Quarterly Christian Spectator
NCL 1829-1830
Quarterly Chronicle RPC 1969-1990
Quarterly Index Islamicus
London: Mansell
ISSN: 0308-7395
BLS 1977-1991
ULE 1981-1993
Quarterly Journal of Prophecy
NCL 1849-1873
Quarterly Letter to Navvies Navvy Mission Society, 1878-1918 [became ICF Quarterly]
LPL 1878-1918*
Quarterly Magazine & Review : chiefly designed for the use of the Society of Friends London: Edmund Fry
LSF 1832
WBC 1832
Quarterly Notes on Christianity & Chinese Religion Hong Kong: Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion & Culture [became Ching Feng]
PHL 1957-1963
Quarterly Record  London: Trinitarian Bible Society
BLS 1972-
Quarterly Register Boston: American Education Society, 1831-37
[became American Quarterly Register]
NCL 1832-1837
Quarterly Register Alliance of Reformed Churches
NCL 1886-1936
Quarterly Review
London: J.Murray, 1809-uuuu
CLM 1809-1869
DWL 1809-1950
HEY 1809-1951*
NCL 1809-1912*                     PHL 1816-1826
ULE 1809-1942*
WCB 1846-1887*
Quarterly Review [A Scholarly Journal for Reflection on Ministry]
NCL 1980-
Quarterly Review of the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies
Lincoln: Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies
KCL 1995
SAC 1978-1979
Quarterly Review of the Community of the Resurrection
LKH current year
Quarterly Theological Review and Ecclesiastical Record
NCL 1825-1826
Quasar [became Truth & Integrity in Public Affairs]
LSF 1990-1992
WBC 1990-1992
Quatre Fleuvres
NCL 1973-1988
Quebec Diocesan Gazette [Diocese of Quebec] [includes Anglican Journal Episcopal]
PHL 1982-
Quellen und Forschungen aus italienischen Archiven und…
NCL 1898-1927
LSF 1930-1932
RPC 1927-1976
Quest London: Church of England Men’s Society, 1972-1985 [was C.E.M.S. Magazine]
LPL 1972-1985
Quest : a quarterly review
DWL 1909-1930
Quest Journal
HEY 1986-1993
La Question d’Israel [Paris]
HEY 1938-1940*
Questions Liturgiques Leuven: Liturgisch Instituut de Leuven
HEY 1956-*
Quis Custodiet
GCL 1965-1973
NCL 1862-1900*
WCB 1883-1904*
QUNO Geneva Reporter [was Quaker United Nations Office Geneva Newsletter (1979-1991 & QUNO Reporter (1992-1995)
LSF 1979-
WBC 1979-
QUNO-NY: State of the UN in…
LSF 2000-
QUNO Sampler [New York]
LSF 1990-1999
WBC 1988-
Electronic Journal

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